The streets for the working poor

have cast shadows upon the mind.

Daemons clothed in flesh gesture,

the joker entices

pavement turns to opium

abandoned structures flow through

coursed veins.


Personal moments

Last night for Bradley’s graduation gift I got him a journal. This morning he just kind of sat on the couch and said:

“I’m kind of tired Beth. I decided last night to use this journal to write my story. My life’s story, I wanna put everything in there from school to boiling water on the stove to wash up. I wanna do what you did, will you help me? If you can do that so can I. I don’t want my life to keep being like this, when I write or draw it’s like my life just comes out and I feel better. People should know why kids like me feel like there’s no hope, get mad, act wrong and just don’t care. You made me see there’s another way, if you can do this with nothing, why can’t I? I’m gonna work on this and show you when I’m done and you can help me.”

I told Bradley yes, I would love to hear his story, how it makes him feel and help him to format the whole thing.

This striving was never solely about me. This striving has always been about so much more. Trying to show, do what no one else will do, get up at 7am every morning to make it work, realize you are your biggest product, stay up when the world decides to sleep and when you feel like stopping push because all that manifestation of hard work is right around the corner.

Hope in the true sense of the word is unable to fail.

That’s who all of this has been for, the hungry, the hopeless, those caught in structured prison walls propped up by our own leaders, for those who thirst beyond themselves, for those looked down upon, for the kids who have to glue their sneakers together and share a single packet of oatmeal, for the kids who skip dinner simply because the worker is being stripped of disposable income.

Someone asked me why I didn’t charge more for the book. It has been mentioned that my $$ would be so much greater. My response: how can I charge more? For those I’ve written for, I would be nothing more then the greed and gluttony I speak against. Like everyone else I have my own bottles but If I know and do that anyways, I then become the thing I hate.

I have had ppl express that the amazon price was to expensive but would still love a copy of the book, I do my best to accommodate that request.


Just received word that a small book of my writings will be published!!

Working on a book cover now and details. Publisher enjoyed the manuscript sent and a book will soon be available..

I need to thank everyone who follows me for all their encouragement, conversations and loyalty. I do my best to follow everyone back but sometimes I lose track, my apologies for that.

This journey started a little over 5 years ago and has taken much to find my voice. Many of you have helped me do that…

I will keep everyone posted on the availability of the book and just informed on progress.

The picture below has always been one of my favorites. This image will be a sketched by a designer and used for the cover.

Thank you again so much!!!