Journey towards redemption 

         Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.  -Rumi
        The journey towards redemption had needed to begin with me, it was not to be found in another. I had become my biggest rival. unrecognizable to my own self, quietly slipping into the vanities of life and the numbness it offered to an already neglected soul. A soul lost to the preplexity of someone else’s life, trying to save what could no longer be redeemed.

How did I get to this place? My life had become something unexpected. How do I get beyond what my life had become? I had to begin to recreate my life exactly where I was and fight through life’s dryness.

Climbing was the only thing that had ever released me, pushed me beyond myself and created comfort zones. It’s in the climb that my soul had always found it’s greatest expression and release. It’s on the rock that this battle to begin again truly begins and it’s lesson life changing..

      This battle isn’t necessarily with the thing that has hurt or wronged you, it’s truly with yourself and who you know longer want to be..


4 thoughts on “Journey towards redemption 

  1. I thought it was actually coincidental when I read this post that I can say I am experiencing the same thing in my life. Maybe it’s the age that we are in. We are finally realizing that this life isn’t about success and money. It’s about your passion, your love, and your legacy. Although we seem very different in our journeys- I am way too terrified of heights to even think of rock climbing- but my journey is currently taking me to acting. It’s something that I am passionate about and makes me face my fears. So rock climbers, actors, teachers, artists, photographers- we may all seem different but our motivations may be the same. We can relate to each other on our human and spiritual level.


    1. You come to realize certain things with age. I’ve never followed through with climbing, never really put everything into it and as I’ve looked back the reasons why I never followed through no longer made sense. Your are purposeful confusion life is about passions, desires and putting to rest the question(s), “what if I take this thing(whatever it may be) and follow it all the way through this time? How far can passion take me?” I’m surprised at how this journey has unfolded. So much of what has come about for me, surprises me. Our journeys may be different but passions, desires and finally just doing it, are the same. I appreciate you taking the time to express that. I agree with you completely and yes our legacy!! Thank you again


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