Scars engravedĀ 

     This rock has defined my story, told through every scar engraved upon my body. Every scar earned and defined by no other definition than my own. 

     These scars tell a story of becoming self defined by no other voice than that of, passion, struggle, weakness, victory, failure, and strength. 

     Every scar carries an unspoken story to my journey, a story not defined by anyone else’s stanndards and constantly in motion. 

     Every scar on my body is reflective to holding on a letting go.


To bring everyone up to date. I’ve recently excepted an offer to be “brand ambassador” for an athletic company, “savage athletic co” they have asked me to contribute writings, motivational images, promo poster and photos in their clothing. I accepted the offer because this company best reflects were I am in my life. I look forward to this part of the journey. I also want to take a moment to thank everyone for taking an interest in my blog. I’m working on a story to post soon. 


     A longing within the soul to release it’s expression, flowing from the depth of passion and finding it’s birth upon the rock. 

     When this battle against myself began i had no expection of anyone taking interest in my story. I was telling my story to release myself. There’s an online magazine “mountain moxie” that took an interest in my story. I was asked to write my story and have it published with this company. It took me weeks to form it, to birth it and finally see it in black and white. 

For those interested you can find it on, 

     Shortly after the publishing of starting over, Alpenclimb had asked me to write an article for them. That can be found on the website, under discussions. 


  When all of this began I had never expected any of this but I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. 

     We all have things engrained into our thinking, “who you become, how far you can go, limitations, and age.” I’ve come to realize this; these things are engrained into us by others but they are not perminate, they can be changed. No one should have the authorship over our lives and no one should be given the pen to write the chapters of our story.  Author your own life or someone will do it for you. Write your own story or someone will create it for you. 

     I want to take a moment to thank everyone who follows, and has taken an interest. It’s my hope that you find inspiration along the way. Thank you!! 

The province of weakness

     Before strength can ever exist within, the utterances of weakness must be embraced. 

     Allow weakness to have it’s perfect work in you and frailty will become strength. 

     People have asked me, “where does your strength come from?” The best answer I can give is this, ” I’ve learned to embrace weakness and heed it’s teaching. Strong needs a place to create itself , and it’s  birth is rooted in frailty.”  

     Weakness dosent just go away. You can’t eradicate it. Weakness is there for a reason and it’s purpose is to teach you  how to be well founded. It’s desire is to birth within you unwavering strength, planted as a seed in frailty that you be well made. 

     Weakness is a mere mirror upon the soul reflecting a growth that needs to occur. 

     Just as the hand needs to be rooted to the arm to function, so strength needs frailty. 

     The journey to recreate my life began with a fall, exposing my weaknesses. I’ve learned to embrace the teachings of weakness, for without them growth would have been impossible.  

Echoes netted in stone

     The voiceless echo of self had lie there, blended quietly into the formation of a stone. 

     Not all echoes carry the weight of a distant voice. This stone had held within it’s formation my passions, and it’s unyielding ability to disconnect me from everything except self. This stone was a mirror  to who I had slowly become.  Reflective in stone, a soul once passionate and  thriving had slowly fashioned itself into an everyday existence. The echoes deeply seated into the stones structure would hand nothing over. Inspiration, passion, and redemption are fought for on adversities path. Through a reach of the hand to fit the stones formation  unfamiliar self is released into the rocks crevice. Awakenings are ignited deep within bringing forth a renewed breath of life, setting alight the souls forging towards redemption.