Scars engraved 

     This rock has defined my story, told through every scar engraved upon my body. Every scar earned and defined by no other definition than my own. 

     These scars tell a story of becoming self defined by no other voice than that of, passion, struggle, weakness, victory, failure, and strength. 

     Every scar carries an unspoken story to my journey, a story not defined by anyone else’s stanndards and constantly in motion. 

     Every scar on my body is reflective to holding on a letting go.


To bring everyone up to date. I’ve recently excepted an offer to be “brand ambassador” for an athletic company, “savage athletic co” they have asked me to contribute writings, motivational images, promo poster and photos in their clothing. I accepted the offer because this company best reflects were I am in my life. I look forward to this part of the journey. I also want to take a moment to thank everyone for taking an interest in my blog. I’m working on a story to post soon. 


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