It’s only through great struggles in weakness that strong can be formed within.  

     I’ve been neglectful of this blog and I apologies to everyone following. I’d like to bring everyone up to date on what’s been happening. 

     When this journey first started, I had set out to simply re create my life or try to anyway. I started out on one path and due to my climbing partner gracefully bowing out, everything seemed to be at a stand still. The thing I least wanted to happen had  happened but I now understand that her gracefully bowing was the very thing I needed. Some of this journey needed to be done alone so I could truly find myself and become my own kind of self made. 

     “Savage athletic co” has named me brand ambassador. My responsibilities include; writing some articles/stories, promo posters, motivational images and being able to climb I their apparel. This was the last thing I thought would happen, and the last thing I ever expected. I’ve been alittle distracted trying to adjust to everything and mange different accounts. My goal with the blog is to continue and publish every 2 weeks. 

      Sometimes in life the very thing you dread going through is the very thing you need to experience. 

     Thank you for your patience