The breath of beauty

The looking glass reflects an image of a beauty adorned, sculpted, manipulated, and carved.  Beauty is best seen when you close your eyes.   

     Beauty’s awakening begins with a breath. It’s breath unseen, unable to reflect itself in portrait, and yet ever flowing from within, adoring a carved image. It’s breath cannot be dressed in jewels, for a jewel cannot enhance the breath of beauty. If it’s breath is flawed, the sculpted images radiance will dull, it’s eyes lifeless, and it’s heart waxed cold, until the carved image closes it’s eyes to glance upon beauty’s breath. 

Rising from ashes. The souls process of birth

     Formed through the whispers of self doubt. Created trough adversity and passions that outweigh any spoken definition. Break from within and new life forms causing all pretenses without to die, allowing all that is real, raw, and of truth to plant itself.   

     I’ve climbed here before but not like this, something new was forging itself through this vessel of existence I had become. 

     Many have asked me, “what do you see when you look at these rocks?” I probably see what most don’t. I see self rising from ashes. Rising from pain, tired, vanities, consequence of choices, and a self that had never dared to live because of the paved road I was on, a path created by others.  I needed to seperate from this path and all that is familiar. I’ve come to learn and understand this, if was going to choose to seperate from what’s toxic(no matter what that toxic is to you), I’m not only making a decision about the “thing,” I’m making a choice, a decision about myself, a choice to remain in ashes or to rise from it.  This rock represents that to me; the souls process of birth, a rise from ashes..