In the midst of adversity the warrior rises. Warriors are created not born, birthed in the storm, awoken in the midst of trials. Adversities are common and must come. Adversity has purposes, to detox you from a life that no longer suits you. To awaken you from your core and shed what no longer offers growth. Adversity demands change and forces the soul to reflect on what others cannot see. At times adversity will force the soul to face itself alone and at other times show you, you are only as strong as those that surround you. Adversity has a design, it’s timing is perfect, it’s voice is loud and will grow louder each times it’s ignored. Adversity carries with it defeat and victory, both wait for your choosing. 

     Most reject adversity. I’ve come to see if adversity is handled rightly, the very thing your trying to avoid, the pain or whatever emotion shows itself to be predominate during adversity, is the very thing that will save you.