Journey into the unknown 

My feet have paced this trail before. My eyes have seen natures beauty. My hands have grasped the loose rock that over-lays the landscape of an unsettled trek. The difference was, this time I was alone, this journey was unfamiliar to my soul.


      To journey into the unknown, is to journey to a place where questions cannot be answered but found, for they dwell within the depth of a still soul, beneath emotionalism to a place where sobriety rests. 

     The journey into the unknown is traveled alone. A place where you hear what you’ve refused to give ear too, and you see what you’ve desired and fought to stay blind too.  The unfamiliar and untraveled part of your life is where you hear your answers and glance upon their reflections. The soberity of the soul forces you to ask sobering questions so that self can glance upon the answer, release itself and see what the physical eye cannot know. 
     The journey into the unknown is a place where fear can no longer hold you. The unknown demands it’s own path, forced to embrace what’s uncomfortable, acceptance of truth demanded because change is waiting to release itself through sobriety of self beckoned by the soul. 

8 thoughts on “Journey into the unknown 

  1. I know I’m just knew to this blog, but this post is so incredibly cool!
    A little less than a year ago, I tried climbing for the first time. Nothing major, just a class at a local climbing gym and I was hooked. I’m terrified of heights, but it was something I felt I needed to do. And now, reading this, I want to do it again.

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    1. Thank you!! I had a lot of fear to battle. I hadn’t climbed in 6 yrs and I had forgotten the battles that go along with climbing. Pushed through some fears regarding any heights lol. Had to learn to change my relationship to fear. There’s something very freeing about best to you and thank you for commenting, for taking the time to read this piece

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  2. You have made an interesting juxtapose of a physical terrain with recesses of the inner consciousness of the mind. I enjoyed reading your prose and your picturesque photography. Anand Bose from Kerala

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