This formed image

This carved rock holds my reasons.

The formation bares my battles.

The stillness of gravel hears my voice.

This images solitude offers Ponderings and forces confrontations deep within. 

The stone knows my fears, weakness and causes me to face them. 

This slab hands nothing over. All is found. All is fought for. The slabs influence searches me and offers release. 

This boulder entertains no excuses, it reacts through reflecting my own Goliath’s.

This crag speaks it’s own poetry, I am it’s visual and expressive word. 

This earth has shown life’s gentle truths of holding on and letting go. Freedom lies within both. 

This slag knows that truth is liberties beginning. The route is fought to gain a pearl of wisdom. 

This mass of stone stands, a voice expressed through silence and in solitude declares, you must first feel what you dread in order to be set free from it. 


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