Scattered amongst stone

       “With swords raised in battle. A glimpse of self reflected in the blade.” 


   I’m scattered here in a million pieces, maybe, but I’ve lost count.    

This rock has shred me. Held my emotions when I could no longer bare them. 

This rock has forced me to face the  “flight mode” of fear and change my relationship to it. A mode of flight on a rock and in life also, this slab has balanced that. 

This rocks formation has spoken of life’s balances. Life’s reflective nature and the beauty found in chaos. 

I’m shattered among many slabs and countless hours of working to let go and to hold on.  No longer relying on another to salvage me, but rather to rely on myself.  

  With swords raised in battle, a glimpse of self reflected in the blade, and had shown the enemy I had become to myself. Salvation was near and Revelation was handed over. Theough mercy and spoken epiphanies, I heard what no voice could speak. “To be saved one must first be shattered and broken. True self is found among the shattered pieces, seeing who I truly am and leaving behind who I never really was.” It was loss that saved me, caused me to shatter and see what I was never able too and understand the blessing that lies in chaos, and the beauty that dwells at the core.  

35 thoughts on “Scattered amongst stone

  1. I am going to be the idiot…so when you say, “I heard what no voice could speak… and it came in the form of words…it does lead one to question…whether no voice could, in all fairness, yes, speak these words…now that you want to kill me. I am just sayin’ I think, yes, I am questioning if no voice could say these words. Because yes, maybe I’ve heard them! and maybe they are meant to be questioned. I love it too much… not to question…the words.

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    1. Thank you very much for commenting and taking the time to read this.
      The best way I can describe it is like this, I had been guided by the words of others, advice and their experiences. I’ve seen so many afraid though to feel pain because it can be overbearing. For the first time in my life I had this knowing that worked within me. Deep within me there’s was this revelatory knowledge that welled up, not because of another’s voice without me but in stillness, deep within, beneath clutter, and emotionalism, a knowing that this time pain and sorrow had to be felt, it needed to do a work within me. I needed to be brought to this place of being alone to hear it, know it and let it unfold within. I unplugged from everything around me, cliches and so forth.
      I’ve questioned many “utterances” from within(and without), all can be questioned because for some the journey or this unpaved part of life may be different in experience and how we get from pain to healing. I’ve leaned that allowing myself to feel a pain I dreaded was what I needed to begin to heal. Pain and sorrow had to work in me and wrestle with me, questions to answers back to questions again until I let the truth of the moment have it’s way with me. I hope that helps. If you have any questions, I don’t mind expounding on things. Thank you again


      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify! It does help! It is a very intelligent reply, and a lovely, moving piece. Sometimes I just want to know more, and I never quite know when it’s okay to question a poetic piece, I must say, this time it helped me, so thank you.

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  2. ‘Life’s reflective nature and the beauty found in chaos. With swords raised in battle, a glimpse of self-reflected in the blade, and had shown the enemy I had become to myself.’ ~ These two lines have stayed with me. This is truly a beautiful write.

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      1. The enemy within is the makes one vulnerable and also mostly when our consciousness adapts to seeking outside we completely forget that the world within requires attention. The journey starts from within. One who realizes this is more confident.

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