Dreams the night no longer holds

     “Searching on streets of stone for dreams the night no longer holds.” 
 Naked thoughts wrapped in 

Voiced through stale


Of raw emotional


Starved by unparalleled 



Shrouded on narrow streets of 


Searching for dreams the night no longer holds. 

Do you wonder as I do?

     “On paved roads, I remember wondering, how are you following me?Do you wonder if I’m following you? Have you the moon become to easy to see?” 

     I’ve passed by hundreds of people today. 

Hello to a stranger, a thing of the past?

If we had no texts, emails, or search bars in constant sight, would we see? Constant communication, but where are the words? 

Waiting for the bank to open, I sat near a woman and child. The woman was showing images of the moon to the child. The child looked and said, “that’s big, are those holes?” The woman, “craters.” The child, “oh.” That was the extent of it.  

I remember the smell of fresh cut grass. Color lost to moons light. I would strain to see the moon, I thought of kids playing and laughter, my ear would strain to hear and my eye to see, would someone answer my “hello!” Would they wave back? Are you awake? After all this is your day, you have the light of sun and I your light of moon. Night isn’t really night and dark not truly felt. If dark had not come, I would not see you and wonder about you. 

I remember paved roads, how could you be moving and following me? Do you wonder while on paved roads, if I’m following you too? Do you strain to hear laughter and strain to see kids playing? Are you waiting for my hello? Are you writing about the wonderment you see when you look up? Are you searching for words about me? 

Do you see what I see? People searching for you while looking down at images that cannot follow them down paved roads. Do you wonder as I do, have you the moon become to easy to see? 

Do you still wonder if I’m wondering about you following me along paveds roads? 

Surrender to what’s untold 

     “Only the poet can turn pain into beauty, and chaos into still.” 
     Rain pours within your soul. Surrender to the story not yet told, this is where poems unfold. 

Surrender to languages of pain, within a beauty to behold. 

Surrender to words that turn love to cold. 

Surrender to stories of nights refusing to grow old and dawns you cannot hold. 

It is here true poetry is told.

Figures within ink

     “All writings, figures, that live on nights breath. Words constantly pursuing the ink within the writers soul.” 
  This story deeply nested and partially told. 

Words pursue and explore my being that stories of old may bleed upon new canvasses, ink mixed of beauty and flaw. 

To some this pen a mere tool. This pen a vessel by which rhythms of blemish flow. With this pen I lay rather than you for it’s ink never runs dry nor cold. 

This ink speaks of moments, moments of forbidden thoughts. Moments of continual nights and distant dawns. 

Without this ink no blood would flow and canvasses wax old. 

This constant shadow

     “One of the things you have to be able to write about, the things some fear and hesitate to look beyond. To let sight  glance beyond what the eye beholds.”           

  This shadow a companion, a constant ever before me. A reminder of what truly is. 

  This shadow utters, “look down, of this earth you are conceived, composed of dust. A wordless poem formed of ground.”

  Upon dusk before the shadow is no more, this shadow utters, “look up, for you need this too! Freedom lay above. Wonderment and solace rest beyond the clouds. Formed of sky and earth, to both you return.” 

  This shadow beckons and at times more real than I, “walk humbly upon that of which you were formed. Let the eye hold the wonder of all that lay beyond stars, for from this wonderment you were composed.” 

To describe a Poet/Writer

       “To write is to understand all stories speak of life and death. We are christened by both, upon inhale the doves delicate breath of life, upon exhale the ravens breath of death. Breath, the gentle reminder of a poet/writers true christening.”  
  Before the poet lay boundless words, yet they fail to express endless depths. 

A whisper fallen upon deaf ears. 

What the blind hear, a continuos wind that speaks upon skin. 

Only the deaf can see the calm beneath raging seas. 

A wave from figures handless. 

Utterances that speak of the sway within still portraits. 

To write of emotions that rest within sculpted images. 

3am has no end, the poet gropes for words at noon. 


     “My language held within formations, a depth ever seeking to reveal wisdoms.”

My random moments. 

Thoughts placed upon stone.

Reflections of self imbedded. 

My language held within formations.

Paths designed by gracies undeserved. 

Brought to humble, wings outstretched, beyond beaten paths. 

Bewilderment and wonder held within a single glance. 

From enlightenments seed, furrowed handwritings carved upon slabs. 

Wonderments depths ever seeking those desiring, beckoning to show continuous depths of awe. 

Natures offering 

     “Most of my writings seem as though the end is incomplete, that is because the story is still continuos within.”

When I first set out on this journey, nature always had a response for me. This is a few of natures responses because so much has yet to be seen, heard and words discovered. 

   Paths carved by those dispirited, forging towards journey’s unknown. 

Beneath the foot, poems of free. 

Hearts weeping ballads, natures response, poseys of solace. 

Lamentings of irregular hollows, left by wayside. Given light and fill from wisdoms of old. 

Wonderment found 

     “Wonderment awakens a soul from slumber”

Graven in wood, languages from souls of old. 

Chased on ledges insights untold.

Upon this ledge no sole can pace, only essence can tread, wonderments waiting to unfold. 

A sky in travail, shades born of a single color. Beyond shallow waters, labors endow. Awakening a soul from slumber to awe.