This constant shadow

     “One of the things you have to be able to write about, the things some fear and hesitate to look beyond. To let sight  glance beyond what the eye beholds.”           

  This shadow a companion, a constant ever before me. A reminder of what truly is. 

  This shadow utters, “look down, of this earth you are conceived, composed of dust. A wordless poem formed of ground.”

  Upon dusk before the shadow is no more, this shadow utters, “look up, for you need this too! Freedom lay above. Wonderment and solace rest beyond the clouds. Formed of sky and earth, to both you return.” 

  This shadow beckons and at times more real than I, “walk humbly upon that of which you were formed. Let the eye hold the wonder of all that lay beyond stars, for from this wonderment you were composed.” 

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