Do you wonder as I do?

     “On paved roads, I remember wondering, how are you following me?Do you wonder if I’m following you? Have you the moon become to easy to see?” 

     I’ve passed by hundreds of people today. 

Hello to a stranger, a thing of the past?

If we had no texts, emails, or search bars in constant sight, would we see? Constant communication, but where are the words? 

Waiting for the bank to open, I sat near a woman and child. The woman was showing images of the moon to the child. The child looked and said, “that’s big, are those holes?” The woman, “craters.” The child, “oh.” That was the extent of it.  

I remember the smell of fresh cut grass. Color lost to moons light. I would strain to see the moon, I thought of kids playing and laughter, my ear would strain to hear and my eye to see, would someone answer my “hello!” Would they wave back? Are you awake? After all this is your day, you have the light of sun and I your light of moon. Night isn’t really night and dark not truly felt. If dark had not come, I would not see you and wonder about you. 

I remember paved roads, how could you be moving and following me? Do you wonder while on paved roads, if I’m following you too? Do you strain to hear laughter and strain to see kids playing? Are you waiting for my hello? Are you writing about the wonderment you see when you look up? Are you searching for words about me? 

Do you see what I see? People searching for you while looking down at images that cannot follow them down paved roads. Do you wonder as I do, have you the moon become to easy to see? 

Do you still wonder if I’m wondering about you following me along paveds roads? 

7 thoughts on “Do you wonder as I do?

    1. Hi, thank you so much for reading this. I’m glad you can relate to this piece 🙂 when I was writing this, I can remember wondering who was up there and how the moon always seemed to be following the car lol


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