Sharing news

I had submitted a writing called “the poet.” This company “spill words” had taken an interest and asked me to submit a piece. This arrived in my e mail this evening. I was actually surprised that it was accepted. I am grateful to be sharing my writings with them. This will be my first published piece of work..i will not be able to post this piece one blog. I want to take a moment to thank everyone for following, leaving comments and also for encouraging me. 


Beauty has no slumber 

     “One can gaze and only see a thing. Another can see from within, awakening the eye without.” 


Vastness within unexplored.

Depths of artistry lay beneath marrow shrouded. 

Of no slumber is beauty to sight awakened within. 

Within the eye

     “When one can longer find their voice, within the eye words lay imprsioned.”

    Beneath layers of forgetfulness, the tongue strains to form words beseeming. A voice searches for familiar language. 

Within the eye words imprsioned, tones speak, the seer can hear the sights beckoning for release. 

If my utterances could reconcile voice to words no longer found, for its river barren. I would speak solace to words taken captive. I would utter forever that my words may find your voice, and freedom of language may find ground to birth expression, that rivers no longer run barren.