The poet

    This is my first published piece of poetry. I’m hoping that any one who is able to take a look at this enjoys it. I appreciate anyone’s time..thank you..alittle nervous it may not go over so’s the link 


12 thoughts on “The poet

    1. Thank you so much and I really appreciate you taking the time to read trough it. It was somewhat dark. Sometimes when I think of a poet and myself, there’s this dark that goes unexpressed by many but yet go so closely together. At birth we are given as much life as death and that to me is so humbling and there’s a beauty beneath it all of that. I will be writing more for this company and I hope you enjoy what is written. Thank you again 😊 xx

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        1. One thing you said and is very true. I’m glad you felt this, life and death are close to each other. A newborns inhale is representative of life and exhale representative of death and both work within us. Both are blessings to carry. Sorry was on my way to work and couldn’t get it all out lol. 😊xx very appreciated


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