I am your poetry 

I am your poetry, hidden within rhymes and riddles. 

I am your poem, hidden within a breeze, verses of unsung melodies.

I am your poetry, rhythms hidden within the heavenlies. 

I am your poem, hidden within echoes of maddening rains. 

I am your poetry hidden within a storm to stir your slumbered soul. 

I am your poem hidden within pens ink. 

I am your poetry, what you try to write away. 

I am that poem that won’t go away, for I am you, you, unexplored, unspoken and hidden and of you, you will always write, 

                             for you are, 


36 thoughts on “I am your poetry 

  1. Ah, that took my breath, the shell and glancing – never have I heard this. A perfect idea. Oh my. And yes, the ego rises and falls like a pulse but we learn to let the words subsume it – for anything else is hopeless. We become channels and vessels simultaneously in learning to be the words and have them be us.

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    1. Yes, very well said!! Vessels for use. A word is nothing without a vessel.
      I have experienced the shell and the glancing, the arrogance and the fall. If your tuned into self you can feel the pulse rise(as you’ve said).

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  2. Terrified and humbled by the innate power between and around the words. There are many good poets online but few, in my view, *understand* the alchemy they unwittingly dabble in – unlike you.

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    1. I remember this one well. How can explain this, it’s as if the words chase you. You can feel this flow forming and the pen uses you for expression on paper.
      I had spent so much time writing about loss, joys and other areas concerning others, writing about the perplexity of human nature, all the while i had been writing of self, the jealousy of others exists in me, the joys and losses, love found and lost and the ability to hold a grudge and forgive all in the same minute, I was everything I had failed to see.


      1. Yes, absolutely. Jon Fosse says of poetry, “If you listen, there is something being said to you, and that is what you write down.” But like you, it took me a long time to learn this – to listen to the words chasing me. It was evident to me immediately that your work is on a different plane to most, and that you would understand something of all this.

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        1. It took me along time to understand, i had needed to be brought to this place of incapability to find what capable really meant. A surrender that frees the being to become, to see and hear what most miss.
          I understand very much what is being expressed, I say that humbly, I’ve experienced to much to allow arrogance to strip me. Once the word finds you and surrender, the word births the story. It is like removing the shell of a word and glancing inside


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