Rose leaf

From the room above her,

coffee brews,

a pleasant aroma hangs from the ceiling, 

awakens words upon her flesh, 

between weary and angry, 

numb hands pray. 

This poem is about Maria, a woman working 16hr shifts, dealing with a rising cost to live and stagnate wages. 

I spoke with her and I asked her, “how do you do it, she said, I pray that I don’t feel my life.” Those words affected me and set the tone for this poem.

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That moment when you thinks a 4yr old has the answer. 

He loves superheroes, and when he’s older that’s what he wants to be. 

I saw him sitting there on the step, and I asked him, “what are you thinking about? You look like you’re in deep thought.” 

He said to me, “I am in deep thought.  I think the problem is, superman has no where to change his clothes, there’s no phone places(booths)left. That’s the problem, there’s no phone booths left so superman can change his clothes.” 

I said to him, “maybe you’re right and simply, he said, I think that’s the problem Beth.” 

This is a personal share. Put a smile on my face and I hope you enjoy this piece has much as I enjoyed the conversation with a 4 yr old named zack.