Conversations with a dictator 

“Ideas are more powerful than guns,  we should not let our enemies have guns, why let them have ideas.” -Saltin 

“Make the lie big, simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” -hitler

History has taught us what the face of a dictator looks like, the cloth they wear, tone of voice they use and the aftermath of a dictators reign.

History has shown us exactly what history wants us to see. The tortuous rule over millions. 

History has let us hear exactly what history wants us to hear. Stern voices of past rule. 

America sits, perched and waiting. This time we know who the dictator is, we see, we hear, and we undoubtedly know this time. Or do we? Have we taken a look, have we truly seen and heard the voices of the past? Have we had the right conversations? 

Conversations with a dictator;

Appeared surprisingly compassionate, just in thoughts and empathizes with all. Bares know obvious fruit of a “hitler or stalin,” doesn’t wear the same cloth nor have the harsh tone or rise of the hand. 

Appeared well spoken, shed a tear when we spoke of a struggling working class, of those left on the streets without shelter, of the small business fearful of losing everything, and of those concerned a dictator of sorts is rising. We shared the same concerns and shed the same tear. 

The land appears fruitful, bares no barb wire fences, no shakels upon the workers and no soilders at the gates. Only workers of long tiresome hours trying to make ends meet, some unable to find work and yet being well cared for. 

There are many voices on the streets, some less vocal than others for fear of being insensitive. Some voiceless for they appeared to be searching for the right words to express themselves, they hesitate fearful of being judged and labeled without truly being heard. 

The conversations continued for hours but I had to ask and so I did;

“Would you appear the way you did in days of old? Would we see you so obviously? Would your cloth be the same?  Your face, would your face bare the same shape? Or would you come and no one suspect a thing because all seems right?  Would you tell your name and introduce yourself the same?”

The dictator responded;

“I have come many times, this is what I’ve heard many say, “look he is there!”   All claim to know me, so well educated in histories lessons that Im sure you will miss me, why would I appear the same way twice? For then you would know me. Do you think I would show you my cloth before my compassion? Do you think I would come raising my voice before I shed my tears for you? Do you think I will take office on Monday and Tuesday arise with unjust rule? Are not all my rules just in the beginning, are not all my tears for the right cause, are not my words filled with compassion, are not all my evils first in the shape of flowers? What do you know about me? Do you not know I come for your thoughts and need to make them bow to my thoughts?, do you not understand that you cannot see me, do you not yet understand, I come slowly, a theif of goods, of words, of thoughts and of independence from my rule, I come for your ability to reason beyond mine. Many have missed my arrival and many take my flowers of evil, take them from my hand and declare me to be righteousness(like you did at the beginning g of your conversations with me.) Do you not see, in days of old they missed me because I first appeared good, to some I was saviour, to others an oppressive ruler and yet no one saw the fence for I covered it in emotionalism, and decorated with reasonings. I did not stand before the masses and tell of my evil desires, I slowly robbed them of themselves, coming slowly, alittle here, alittle there, until I could drop my cloth and appear true to evil. Evil excepted as good. 

In conclusion, Germany to some was, Germany and to others nazi Germany. Aldof to some was a nobel leader, he was simply aldof and to others hitler, a torturous dictator. How does this happen? How does aldof or stalin appear to some, leaders noble and just and to others dictators, committing genocide and torturing those considered less human. How did no one see this? How did no one hear? How is it that no one saw the dictator rising?  How did no one know his name or did they, did they miss what they should’ve seen and heard? 

Are we missing it also?  

All dictators begin righteously. 


To yourself, you pulled me here.

A drift, you lay untouched, unseen and unheard but you laid still for a moment, beneath me I felt your history and drank of unflavored truth. 

Ancient wisdoms of old, called me by name and spoke from carved wood. Nakedness hidden and veiled by thin worn pages, I have tasted your words and unbecame every poem written. 

For sale 

 This piece was written for the working poor in Connecticut, and to the working families living out of their cars. 

“They say all is well and growing.” 

But for who?

“They don’t live on our streets, eat from our shelves or work within a corporate structure addicted to cheap labor.” 

To any who read this piece, 

thank you!! 

Coffee house conversations 

I was asked, “is there anything greater then evil?”

My reply, “I would say, what precedes evil is greater.” 

I know evil gets dressed for evil must conceal itself. Evil cannot appear naked and never will. 

I know evil speaks words for how else could evil manipulate and divide so deeply. 

I know evil roams the earth, not staggering at noon day but rather, evil is well aware of every print laid upon a path. 

I know evil prays and hopes, prays that we remain unaware of its seductive nature and well mannered tongue, so that it may weave into the very fabric of society. 

I know evil does good, for how else could evil draw men and women to itself. 

I know evil has money, for how else could evil buy or sell itself to the masses. 

I know evil fears, evil fears that men and women might see, might awaken from slumber. 

I know evil is honest, for all liars are honest. 

I know evil goes to bed at night and rises every morning for it has a work to do, a slow, subtle work and most times all that precedes evils work is unseen for it rises every morning  before us. 

I know evil believes in a god and that god is evils own nature. Evil sets itself up like a king and reigns in the minds and hearts of men and women, who are of good intention but remained asleep to all that precedes evil. 

So in my thoughts, what is greater than evil? All that precedes evil. 

Spill ink

I lay my pen down to hear,  

spilled ink that runs through my veins, and the chaotic rambling of pages empty and worn. 

This page remains without language, for this ink I have tried to uniform. 

I lay my words aside that ink may spill upon perfectly constructed shores, shores that hold ink of well worded musings and rationings. Upon this, ink must spill that words may form, words raw, words not always politically correct but rather that tell the stories most need to hear, through spilled ink…..

Spill your ink….watch words form.

If all we could do is hear the 6 or 9

If all we could do was hear,

would  we listen differently? 

If we could speak without seeing,

would the hearer be alarmed?,

would the speaker be terrified of what they hear within?

If all we could do was speak and never see the 6 or 9, 

would truth replace perception? 

If no one could see but only hear,

would actions be the same?

If all we could do is hear,

would we listen to propogands real name? 

If all I could do was sit, hear and never see, 

would I then understand and feel how it is to be you?

If all you could do was sit, hear and never see, 

would you then understand what it is to be me?

If  we could never do is see the 6 or 9, 

would our voice be the same? 

If all we could do was hear the 6 or 9, what then would it be? 

If all you could was see, 

would you still chose to hear? 

If all we could was hear…