Gray tongue

They speak with gray tongues, structures are different but the tongue is still speaks in a language of gray.” 

Tongue of colors truth bound by fear.

Freedoms to disagree suppressed by lead skies.

Different structures but the same gray walls, truths are disquieted so lies spoken in riddles and broken rhymes, are all that is heard(hourly)through paid independent journalist of gray tongues, a tongue dipped in profits of gold. 

Journals filled of truths, written with pained pens, eyes of tearful witness to greeds powerful war, but no one hears, for these truths disrupt lifestyles and ways of life that bare more weight to some, then a child dying from greed’s war. 

Tongues of gray will determine what the truth is and how it is to be written and heard by the people. The freedom to determine and to hear will be stripped and the journalists that writes of colored tongue will be harder to find and hear for they speak contrary to the tongues of gray dipped in gold. 

Tongues of gray will oppose the forgein tongue through carefully penned attacks for they will write according to the gold given, being handed a power to condition and change behaviors through a simple sentence. 

“HR5181. Countering foreign propaganda and disinformation act.” Signed into law on dec 24th of 2016. 

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