Asleep in a lie

The only serum for a lie, truth..”

I had laid with this lie for years, a perfect union. 

Nightly we lay together, clothed in gentle denial. 

My eyes had only seen that which a lie would allow. To this weary eye, a prayer for sightless.

You have turned me into this lie, a world carefully crafted by images and sounds. 

Because of you my world no unforgiving and forgein. 

Truth had come in like an adulteress, undressed me and naked I lay, stripped of all that was real to my flesh. 

Trembling at the thought of this truth, and the foot prints that continue beyond what can be touched. 

You’ve clothed me in words not my own, 

meanings well constructed but none did my soul recognize. 

Before I slept, 

I pleaded with my dreams, do not wake me, 

cover me..

Truth pierced night,

from a single scar, 

a light,

leads me to realities inside,

beyond this shroud of site.


12 thoughts on “Asleep in a lie

      1. Beth, you can call me Brian.

        But yes! Not that I think I’m some kind of master, lol, but I have really been into everything you’ve written lately. It’s so good.

        Liked by 1 person

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