Until all voices matter, not all lives will.” -Beth 

What we fail to see is; 

what we remain silent about allows the wrong parts of governments to grow, the wrong parts of human nature to thrive, whether they be on the left or right. 

They all drink from the cup of humanity, drunkards sipping from our thoughts and spewing ideologies over the frailest parts of humanity. 


I closed my eyes to see.

Until we,

no matter the side can sit and hear without labeling and hate,

we encourage this great divide. 

The wrong parts of government will continue to grow, they will continue to feed us through establishment medias and of us, this torn humanity they will drink. 


8 thoughts on “Voices 

  1. Our government will fund anything that will make them more money and get them more personal power. It’s that simple. Listening to a few people just means that’s how those few people feel. So many people are happy to be here. Our entire country, with the exception of Native Americans, is FILLED with immigrants. We are a “Melting Pot,” and that’s what we stand for. Anyone who believes in freedom, equality and peace cannot be for the current administration because they stand for hatred, elitism, power, greed and violence. None of those issues can be compromised on. As I said, no one can be a little racist, sexist, pro war, half greedy or pro power over others. It’s not possible. There is absolutely nothing to say. It’s like being a little pregnant. You either are or you aren’t. There’s no other way to look at it. There really isn’t any thing to talk ABOUT. The country is broken in a way that can’t be fixed by talking. California wants to pull out from the country. Texas might too. I hope Illinois leaves as well. The government will pull all Federal Funding form the states that pull out. That means no forepeople, police, etc., until we all find a way to over come the loss of funds. The government already threatened Chicago (a Sanctuary City) because we said we would not let anyone be deported or taken away. Kids were terrified. They were sick and afraid to go to school because they thought their parents would be gone when they got home. It was horrible for families. Our Mayor said we would protect them no matter what. And we will. But the government attacked instantly and they are now threatening CA. I hope they do pull out of the states, that will encourage other states to do it and then the horrible and hateful people in Washington will only have themselves to despise and destroy. The rest of us may struggle, while we find a new way to live but at least we will be away from them and we can start over by ourselves. I’m for it because I refuse to be part of the return of Germany in this country and that’s exactly what’s happening. hitler was not my president’s hero. Nothing to talk about. Just hoping we are no longer part of the “united” states. We are all waiting to see what California does. My fingers are crossed.

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    1. I am not a fan of politicians in general. I do believe if they truly wanted to help bring people together, helping the poor(and so forth)they would, flint Michigan would be a great example. I don’t believe in any form of supremacy, no matter the color, race or gender all supremacy is wrong/damaging. I do believe in listening to others views/beliefs, for ex, a friend of mine had stated “all white ppl are bigots, racists a**holes. I had gone on to say, “if you label one group as entirely racists, what does that make you? Racists is determined by a differing of views, differing views means ppl think differently but are not speaking in regards to a belief about a master race. What sparked this was the current immigrant issue(which was a mess and executed poorly). The thing is, obama, bill Clinton have all spoken on illegal immigrants, deportations, 2.5 million were deported during obamas administration, some children had to be put into adoption services, I had continued to ask him, “where were you then?” The list(travel ban) of countries was another, comprised in 2015 and updated in 2016 but yet no one said anything. With a single phrase the media can hide or reveal, cause chaos or calm, can demonize a story and yet justify it for another. Does trump make me nervous? My god yes. All voices of concern need to be heard, when someone states that all christians are bigots, there’s a growing problem because the same ppl are saying not all muslims are threatening(this is true)but with anything else, you have radicals/hateful/racists ideologies in all areas. Getting to the root of it, is what we need to do. Getting to the root of war, much war is about profit and control/conformity, some wars maybe for novel reasons but for every refugee forced to flee, uproot their lives, looking at the reasons behind the war, protesting against unjust wars that produce the refugees. Many refugees are left in camps until asylum is given, this can go on for years, they are left in camps by democrats and republicans alike. We are a country of immigrants, we are country of freedoms but those have been dwindling, ppl are afraid to speak, afraid to give voice to words. We march for human rights and yet take the rights of others away through fear and labeling. I’ve heard about California, I’ll have to follow this and see what happens. Thank you for the conversation…


  2. I wish I had even the slightest hope, that what you wrote would be possible. I don’t. Not with the greedy, power hungry, hateful people who are in charge, at the moment. There is no way to talk to people who refuse to listen, or see a different point of view. Your post is lovely during a time that definitely is not.

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    1. Hi and thank you..as this all goes along, I see things building off of all the wrongs things. You’re right, talking things out, trying to understand the why behind it, seems impossible at the moment. I would hope for this to change but at the current place we are in, im not so sure anymore.


      1. Sadly, it’s true, at least right now. They are not interested in building bridges and there is no middle ground. You are either racist, or you’re not. You can’t be half way on any of the issues. No one should control a woman’s body. Sexism is violence against women in all of it’s forms. Greed destroys everything and when you see men in white hoods, matching next to people with their arms in the air giving the Hitler sign, you know there’s no way to span the divide. I don’t see how it can be done. There will have to be a revolution, civil war, or something that brings us into the light because I don’t see how we can live in this country without massive change, before it’s too late.

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        1. I wish that we as nation were able to talk. Not worrying about being politically correct and yet see both sides. My stance during the election was that of, do we need tighter vetting to ensure those coming are here for the right reasons, vetting an ideology is hard though, I had felt we did need some better constructed vetting, being fair though. Greed can corrupt everything. Whether rich or poor greed is always there, left unchecked it will destroy a nation from within. During the election and now, I try and listen to all sides, to get an idea of how people really feel and why they feel it, most bring me back to media they’ve listened too. Media-main stream media, seems to control most of our thinking and shaping if how we view or demonize on or the other and the mind seems to be more controlled by the media than by individual thoughts. For ex, my next story on a refugee is called “lead skies” during our talk(most done with a translator), making her feel like it was okay to just speak no matter what I think or feel, was important to her, this allowed me to see inside her story and hear what most may not. She expressed that she was grateful to be here and yet so desperately wanted to go home, she never wanted to be uprooted, she had told me that she was angry at the US, that’s when most ppl stop and get offended but my job was to listen no matter how I felt about that statement, she expressed to me, she didn’t understand why the US was funding or allowing funds to go to terror groups, she explained her reasons and said, many feel as though I am the enemy but I feel as though I stand here, a new place but of my enemy. I heard a side to a story that I wasn’t expecting at all, I heard things that made me uncomfortable but between me and her a bridge was formed. My next article for the company may be on the very issues me and you are talking about, in hopes to bring some type of communication back. For right now I don’t see that happening though. Something will come to a head and maybe that’s what al this is, things coming to a head and maybe in some way that’s where healing will be found…sorry for my rant


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