I was called everything but a woman

I am a woman and yet my voice is silenced by those fighting for women’s rights.” -Beth 

I am a women but yet didn’t march for womans rights because I simply asked a question prior to the march, “what is this for, a march against Trump?” I was called everything but a woman,  “supporter of the rape culture, racist, and a misogynist.” So, my voice was surpressed by the very ones fighting for human and women’s rights. 
I am neither left nor right.  I am somewhere in the middle, watching all this erupt, watching hatred grow and self willed agendas of a government win, no matter who gets hurt, the end justifies the means, that’s all that matters, 

not a voice, 

not truth, 

not facts. 

What is the one thing an ideology/propaganda fears most? 

The voice that disrupts it. 

Truth is its own weapon, propaganda needs a wooden bat, needs to demean, tactics or fear to push its ideology and will upon many. 

On a positive, people are going beyond main stream medias and searching for truth, not simply believing what is pumped out. People are talking whether it be about, Yemen, Syria, radicalism, the current division and elite propagandas. So what does this mean(hopefully), a lie fears the truth and truth is being demanded. Instead of the media controlling us, we control the media by demanding facts and true journalism. 


16 thoughts on “I was called everything but a woman

  1. “I am a woman and yet my voice is silenced by those fighting for women’s rights.” -Beth

    Beth, This gets my full attention. It does, in my opinion also, further silence the voice of many women and/or people in general. We should be fighting for egalitarian rights that includes the rights and voices of all people not just subsets of people. As an example, I feel that the recent pink pussy campaign was not a successful campaign because it only addressed the sex organs of a woman. I saw little in this campaign that actually said what the rights that they were seeking were really about. It leaves out all that are non-gendered, transgendered, androgynous, hermaphroditic, etc.

    Self education is the key here to me. Know your rights. Speak your truth even when many around you are speaking over you. When everyone around you is in pink or blue, go for tye-dyed.

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    1. The women’s right was limited and know one could clearly articulate exactly what it was for, which caused me to question and that was were the name calling started. I had felt it was poorly organized and so forth.
      You are right, self education, knowing rights and being able to listen to all voices not just a certain few and going for the-dyed!! Love that

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    1. Hi, thank you…i would for us, no matter the side, color, gender or belief, to stop for a moment and realize all of us are handing these moments down to a younger group. The media can divide with a single phrase, a phrase that may not even be true. I believe we are deserving of truth..thank you

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    2. The truth in this post is directly connected to this response. The use of the word “something” is problematic but fitting. It reveals that we are aware that things are out of control, but just what that something really is exists just outside the grasp of true understanding because too many have settled for fictional reality.

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      1. Yes!! The “something,” something really exists, many know this but it is outside of the grasp of true understanding, and fictional realities. Truth has a way of changing realities, and all the stuff that surrounds us. I hope that at some point ppl will be able to step outside of fictional realities and embrace, seek and demand truth. They can only give what we allow and continue to feast off of. Thank you so much for reading this piece, others and commenting

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