New wars 

“Democracies death will not be by ambush but by slow extinction.” -beth 

The new war and birth of tyranny..

The new war, 

birth of tyranny 

will not need 

military patrol

bombs or guns 

a dictator to burst forth,

rather a slow seepage of oppressive laws

over the mind

over speech

over beliefs

through social media 

through fear of the new work environment

marching to the new slavery. 

They will use emotionalism to control many.

They will use reason for a few.

They will dehumanize the rest. 

Democracies death will not be by ambush but a slow extinction through 






Creating environments where it is okay 






one another,  

all of this will be okay 

for we will dress death up with symbols of 





for the betterment of the human race.

This will be the new birth of tyranny

and we will rather enjoy it

for we are calling him forth. 

Masks falling 

“We are the disease we have ignored.” -beth 
Masks falling…
Have we become this, 


Have we always been this?

The mask is no longer able to hold the darkness of history 



packed away in suitcases 

swept under rugs 

ignore and it will go away but 

to where? 

To where does history go?

To a shelf dimly lite 

waiting to be told.

The masks are the symptoms 

of a diseased human nature,

able to love and hate

oppress and set free

take revenge and pardon

suppress and release 

enslave and liberate 

speak truth and lie 

justify what is evil and what is good

all in the same breath

all in the same thought 

from the same mind, 

these ills lurking in the nature of men and women 

radicalizing hate, 

the young and old 

sitting in coffee shops 

talking as if they are free human natures hidden darkness. 

We are what we have ignored, 

the disease 

traded for the cure

consumed by

bread and circuses 

our masks are falling 

all that we are 

we have simply 

always been. 

Returning home 

“A bomb set off in another country   will explode in the streets from

  which it came.” -beth 
Streets built from seeds of 


upon the graves 

of dead men’s bones 

a people can do nothing

but reflect the same disease.

Wars will always come home

in the forms of scattered chaos,

blood will return

to the shores from which it came.

Empires founded from death 

will end in the death of its own creations. 

The same flames used upon 

lands unknown 

will burn from within and expose

the diseases of its soil

men will turn upon their own

hate for hate

prejudice for prejudice 

each desiring the other to conform

each considering themselves supreme in thought and values of life held in the form of a single bullet 

shot countries away has now returned to the soils from it came.

There’s is no peace in chaos

their is no peace in war

only the burning of wings. 

Becoming puppets 

Americas system


in years past

shaken hands with the devil,  

i will not close the eyes that see

the mind that knows 

the soul that feels

the voice that speaks 


the forming of kings and queens 

to whom you must submit

become like 

think like 

the pen must write of their willed agendas

desires of the lower nature 

to control 

through social media 


words white washed for 



approval of the system


so now I see what it means 

to become 

approved of the white system

demanding conformity.



must sell parts of myself 

to write of stories filled with hope

while walls are falling,

words for the left or right wing 


so now I must 

in a country claiming freedoms, choose? 

Do I not have the right to refuse to blindly follow the political circus? 

Do I not have the right to speak against both? 

Both parties are



self righteous 

demi gods


that see us as animals needing order

feeding us from their 

tables of controlled chaos

foods of division 

offered to those for sale.


Statism is simply another religion where government is god. 
They can create an environment 

where the gods are 


blamed for society’s ills 

cause of divisions 

reason for terrorism 

the heart of racial tensions 

the gods created the radicalisms.

They will cause us to questions 

the gods of which 

we have free will to be believe 

or choose not too.

They will create a world where god is no longer needed and in return,

make no mistake about it

the government will become our god

we will,




hand over our minds 

give away our gods

abandon our desire for freedom of religion 

freedom of speech 

we will love our servitude and the painless concentration camps


we will have our liberties taken away and enjoy it,

we will sacrifice ourselves

to gods of the governments.

Same oppressions different masks 

When the flesh of society goes astray is not the thought life our retreat?

a place to hide from the gods, 


words of justice 

but hidden from view 

thoughts of structured oppressions. 

Is not the kkk that which tries to shut down anything unlike itself 

and form a world all the same

governed by borders on





So is not the antifia demanding the same conformity

but without borders? 

Do they not demand the same obedience of 





Hate is very eager to wrap itself in social justice through words gone astray in the desires of the flesh that only the thoughts know.

Is this not all societies vain attempt to hide from the gods 

that evil may be a feast of the kings and queens in ivory towers

watching us





War of the classes 

War of the classes..
“It is not the truth that creates politics 

  rather the lie.” 



fighting for the same oppressive system ruled by the same men from different sides. 

Our leaders have handed us wars on the streets rather than peace 

to uphold what they most benefit from,

creating wealth through war of the classes and each class is conforming to the system they should be fighting.

Wars on Americas streets to uphold the 


imperialist system,

its is not the system we are burning 


we are sacrificing ourselves to the very system that has burned us. 

This imperialists

capitalist system will allow us to burn one another to ash that it survive us and prosper from our 



ill informed 

emotionally driven 


Letter by letter 

It will all seem right 

a fight

good vs evil

love vs hate

right vs wrong

speech vs speech

slowly and unaware

a single letter taken away

until the word is completely gone

no longer able to write or express.

line by line the sentence will be gone

no longer able to express a full thought 

no longer able to say what you feel for fear of being



not all that appears good is good.

So it has begun,

Facebook an extended hand of the 


has taken the role of God to determine for us,

what is hate and what hate isn’t 

what words are disruptive and promote hate and what words do not

and we applaud this completely unaware 

the speech okay today will be deemed hateful tomorrow.

remember this, 

lette b lette unti th wor is gon 

an th sentenc n long exis.

fo, w ar no kno longer abl t thin fo ourselve 

Becoming what you hate

We are all very capable of becoming the thing we hate,what has oppressed 




conformed us. 

To think ourselves as not being capable would place us in a position of thinking ourselves to be superior to another in human nature.

Are we not all capable of possessing 






nationalist beliefs 





that promote our plight rather then get to the root,

for a mans heart cannot be legislated 

nor can we eradicate the ills of a mind,

if one can not clearly see how easily one can become the nature preached against. 

All are capable of holding their own evils no matter,

the culture 




economic standing.

Can one give retribution if one has not committed the act? 

If yes, what would make your fight more just?

have you not just become the demand once placed on you, 

a demand unjust and hated,

a demand to produce

even though you’ve committed no personal wrong?

Are we not all capable of becoming the system we eagerly oppose and denounce as unjust.

The superiority we despise we slowly become. 

The human nature has many denials unpacked, 

we can deny what we can become because we think we are better,


it will not change the truth,

we have become unjust.

One word 

can set a forest a blaze

burn through historical facts

turn angels into demons 

demons into angels 

men/women to fools

pitiful creatures grasping at straws

fighting the symptoms but never the root. 

To deny what one can become 

is to deny your own human nature 

you will therefore,


become what you hate.