Americas bread

“Soundness has left her soil.”
Americas bread..
Thousands stand on Americas land




without a god

she is left to herself.
America has cast herself unjustly upon 

unknown waters 

has sold her own for profit, 

her children’s future land 





upon their backs a weight of stone 

they will chip away at, 

belts around their waists pulled tighter with each swing. 
Americas bread has now 

returned to her diseased 

poisonous waters flood 

the streets 


she is at war with herself  


the wheat and tares

grasp for power,

drowning in her own lusts

for a new world built off of old systems 

soundness has left her soil. 

Feeding demons 

“The beast that grows is feed by our own demons.” 
Feeding hidden demons..

justify falsity

excuse for our own comforts 

condemn the innocent 

react emotionally.

Public cries out for

respect while disrespecting 

freedom while creating slavery 

patriotism while being unpatriotic 

Independence while praising the rise of tyranny. 

Public cries out against 

war yet funds them

division and fights unity 

the republicans creating radical the right 

the left creating radial the left

greed and yet hoards

the acts of others and yet has caused them,

cries out against the beast that is all these evils and yet feeds the demons.

No one is willing to see

the beasts growing are feed by our own hidden demons. 


Sleeping with corruption 

“I’ve meet corruption on the street corner in the form of all that is deemed good.”
Sleeping with corruption..
I’ve meet corruption 

on a street corner 

in the form of humanitarian goodness

emotionally seductive 

I was drawn in 

hoping to preserve self 

in a country collapsing.

As we talked I had realized 

we had meet before 

not sure where 

corruption spoke,

we’ve spelt together several times, 

we’ve broken bread at the kitchen table 

you’ve feed me well

in return I’ve preserved you

as you took from others 

but we shall call this a humanitarian act so your goodness is not affected 

nor your comfort.

I spoke;

Now I remember!

you have hidden yourself 

your vengeance hidden in acts of goodness,

selfishness hidden in acts of sacrifices,

your bitterness has stirred in the bowels of forgiveness,

your love rooted in hatred!

As our conversation ended I had realized how well corruption had taken care of me, 

dare I let this go?

Corruption reminded me of this,

“I have seen a systems state of affairs 

cause people to grab as much power as they can 

and yet,

no one votes for a ruling on self   


for then they would be voting against themselves and how well I have persevered them.” 

Bodies burning in chaos 

“We are nothing more than bodies roaming the earth through continuous fires of chaos.”
Bodies burning in chaos…
Every time storms escalate and 

Increase in number, 

it is because humanity has first thrown the stones of chaos. 

The earth burning from the inside out 

does nothing more than reflect a nation and its people burning,










burning from within

until all is burned up,

there’ll be nothing left

of a people in this new world 

for all will be, 




without a history 








for the writer will be without words, 

all that will remain? 

bodies continuously burning in controlled fires of chaos


people no longer people 

but bodies roaming the earth. 

Consuming lies

“We live in a time where the truth puts people in chains and lies set them free” 

The sound of a lie stronger than silence yet equally as loud.

A lie has to be told several times, over and over again 

cannot stand on its own

requires much emotionalism 

pictures and tears. 

The less a people correspond with reality the better,


forced through fear

and an array of carefully designed phobias and isms.  

Consenting to an obvious lie is to cooperate and become the lie, 

a living breathing image of deception. 

A people deprived of the right to freely think are easier to control. 

Lies demand alliance. 

Lies must be upheld or societies collapse. 

Lies are constantly evolving they must 

lest the truth grabs hold and awakens the masses from slumber. 

Taking a knee 

“The freedoms you take from someone, will someday be taken from you.” 
**these are just my thoughts. Sometimes a bold stance is necessary. In light of my fb being lite up with arguing I’ve just posted some thoughts.** 
Taking a knee…
In light of all being said about taking a knee 

these are my thoughts.
We will start with the counter argument,

“Your disrespecting those that died in war! If you done like this country leave!”

My thoughts to those arguments,

They died for all “freedoms” not just a select group of freedoms. 

They died for the freedom to stand and for the freedom to kneel.

Initially a knee was never bowed in disrespect to any service men or women but rather to the direction this country is headed in. 
The flag represents different things to different ethnic groups, for some it is 


for some the flag is stained 

for some it means something entirely different,

yet each has the freedom to voice this, 

if not then we are not “free.” 

But it was never about the flag, it was about the country and her injustices gone overlooked. 

We have moved away from listening to reacting emotionally.

We have moved away from a man who might of had some very real, very raw concerns but no one was listening just reacting. 
Anyway I will end it here.

-My freedoms and your freedoms are different and vary for each group, whether we admit that or not doesn’t change what reality is or isn’t for many.

-I believe in freedom although freedom it self is collapsing and ever changing her face. There is a time for bold stance and a time for kneeling. 

-Freedom shouldn’t be about complete conformity

because many disagree with how someone exercises that freedom, what if your “freedom” is affected someday?

Is that anyway to respect those who served? If we are okay with freedom as long as it doesn’t cause discomfort to our world, is that freedom or conformity to what you feel is right? 

-This was never about the flag but it has however become completely political now and the reasons will soon be lost. 

-the freedoms you take from another will someday be taken from you. 

-someday you will need to stand and be made to bow

-someday you will need to kneel and be made to stand. 

Be careful,

not to fight without listening..

Injustice hidden in justice 

“All injustices began in the name of justice.” 
There are moments when injustice will show as justice.
As rumor spreads of a possible civil war in America through a demand for justice and equality(among other things),

will it be so?

Can true justice and equality thrive in a country of chaos and bipolar politics?
The streets will be filled and are with cries “no justice, no peace!”

Cries from a country that knows war and has yet to see peace,

Cries of justice from a country that funds injustice. 

We know neither peace nor justice well.
I have wrestled with this thought many nights and have come to the conclusion,

social justice holds social injustice under the guise “for the common good”

but who determines what the common good is?

by whose standards?

In our current society separations 

between right and left escalate 


if one fails to agree with the collective narrative 

you are unjust, there is no discussion 


has social justice become an excuse for state control,

for arrogance and a broad show of narcissism that all agree and conform to this supreme thought? 

Are men and women that incapable of being just and holding justice without injustice at its root?

Upon the examining of my own heart 

I have meet both justice and injustice. 

I have stood for justice and unjustly hoped for benefit.

I have read of social plights but only those that have supported my view. 

I have stood for the common good but yet have found utter corruption at the root.

Justice is not the problem nor is injustice 

for both are needed 

justice for those treated wrongly

despite corruption 

injustice for those treated favorably despite corruptions. 

Men and women have taken a balanced system and corrupted her 





Justice itself cannot be corrupt unless men and women fill her with injustice. 

I have seen more iniquity in justice and in its name than in injustice, 

as I have found more moral blindness

and wickedness in something as beautiful as compassion

for there are true forms and false. 

Dare I ask in our current social environment

a question to part with,

is it just to treat everyone as equals,

to treat those unequal as equal

to treat those equal as unequal?

Would we not benefit from a system that sees what is equal and unequal

and upholds both,

in society that may function equally according to their own talents?

So in closing if we were not afraid to

examine our own hearts 

we would see 

most injustices began with justice. 


Natures war against humanity 

“Nature has risen and is warring humanity.”
There is as much war in peace as peace in war. 

All wars should lead to peace and those that do not 

are not wars

but dirty illicit games played on humanity upon the earth. 

I have seen the peacemakers war more than those in battle.

The two biggest battles of humanity?

To fight those that war against peace 

To fight those that war for peace. 

It is not peace that is hard to find but to stop the unjust wars that cover the path. 

I have seen seen nature war against humanity to 


to disarm 

render humanity helpless that she know longer destroy 


the earth 

in a vain attempt for peace and superiority none where meant to have. 

The earth groans from humanities boot upon her neck

humanity has trampled her

and sold her for profit.

The earth is battling humanity 

in hopes of saving all. 

It is not war nor peace that is the problem 

both are needed 

it is humanity itself. 

Nature has risen herself against humanity.

The casting out of god 

“The casting out of god has ushered in religion. It is no longer faith, it is a commodity. All are for sale.”
The casting out of god…

All believe themselves to hold truth 

and god himself 

he can be found not in the heart of men/women 





coffee mugs


bumper stickers 



a god for half price on eBay. 

Men/women have created a god for sale, 

redemptions at the click of a button

become a man/woman of god at the click of button 

5 cent redemption centers 

prayers copied and pasted 

Men and women have become the redeemer they deny 

the god they crucify 

the savior they mock

the prophet they scorn 

and from this 

the true image of god falls upon a nations streets, 

lost in the seas 

men and women 

rise from the tides as lords 

feeding off each other’s flesh. 

The trinity will no longer exist in the heart 



the people’s trinity will be 

the legislative 



judicial branches of a government.