The politician, the prostitute 

“Can those who have never struggled 
   create policies to relieve those who 

The political prostitute 

has sold his tongue to elitists men 

of course blood

and graven hearts,


over the middle and lower class 

with sterling degrees and titles

exempt from Industrial work holding an air of prestige.

Out of touch and ignorant to the 

day to day plight.

Can those who have never broken 

bread with struggle 

create policies to relive those who have?
The politician graces the stage 

with an array of theatrics 

hands slight of prostitution 

feels out his audience,

deliberately blowing wind into words

swaying people to believe one 

way rather than another, 

whoring out polices that he himself not deem fit to live under. 
Can those of prestige connect with those of less? 
Can those who live in ivory towers understand clay shelters and work to change structures?
If the politician himself or herself is not willing to live under the burden of these created betterments why should anyone else? 
If the politicians themselves claim universal basic income is the best way to relieve poverty, and working class struggles. Will they themselves be required to live within their own basic income standards or be exempt? If it is not good enough for them, why should it be for us.
This is what happens when politics plays the Whore, all are sold no matter the price.


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