Sleeping with corruption 

“I’ve meet corruption on the street corner in the form of all that is deemed good.”
Sleeping with corruption..
I’ve meet corruption 

on a street corner 

in the form of humanitarian goodness

emotionally seductive 

I was drawn in 

hoping to preserve self 

in a country collapsing.

As we talked I had realized 

we had meet before 

not sure where 

corruption spoke,

we’ve spelt together several times, 

we’ve broken bread at the kitchen table 

you’ve feed me well

in return I’ve preserved you

as you took from others 

but we shall call this a humanitarian act so your goodness is not affected 

nor your comfort.

I spoke;

Now I remember!

you have hidden yourself 

your vengeance hidden in acts of goodness,

selfishness hidden in acts of sacrifices,

your bitterness has stirred in the bowels of forgiveness,

your love rooted in hatred!

As our conversation ended I had realized how well corruption had taken care of me, 

dare I let this go?

Corruption reminded me of this,

“I have seen a systems state of affairs 

cause people to grab as much power as they can 

and yet,

no one votes for a ruling on self   


for then they would be voting against themselves and how well I have persevered them.” 


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