I have seen 

I have seen works of kindness be unkind.
I have seen works of selflessness show selfishness. 
I have seen works of humanitarianism be inhumane.
I have seen a pushing of equality create more inequality.
I have seen a fight for more livable wages redistribute more poverty.
I have seen a building of corporate America create less jobs. 
I have seen a war against racism birth more racists.
I have seen many articulate politicians say nothing.
I have seen many poets write about love and remain loveless.
I have seen many speak about the evolving of humans and yet a whole age is dumbed down by a simple cell phone. 
I have seen many claim to have great minds and yet thoughtless apart from a search bar. 
I have seen many experts knowledge-less. 
I have seen many say “for the good of us all” create more tyrants. 
I have seen greed in the rich and the poor. 
I have seen sin and evil prayers come from believers of gods.
I have seen many deny god and cry to him for fear of death. 
I have seen judgement replace accountability.
I see a world tossed into the waves of vanity, egotism and are reaping all that has been sown. 
I have seen many fall and yet think they are standing.
I have seen many schools but less education.
I have seen many fear silence and choose chaos. 
I have seen many talk of redistributing wealth and do nothing but spread poverty’s hunger. 
I have seen every protest and yet we are still here, protesting as if it was a new fight. 
I have seen every road repeat itself and yet we call it the road less traveled. 
I have seen much and yet nothing.


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