Behind closed doors 

We have talked of the poor but not of poverty and americas social sickness to think theft of the working poor’s pay has now become an earned profit. -beth


16 thoughts on “Behind closed doors 

    1. I do appreciate your comment..took me a few days to put this together. My first time trying a video format. I guess in some ways I’m desperate to have people in America hear and just step back from the ledge for a minute and look. Thank you again


    1. Thank you!! What brought some of this about was NYC offering to pay the homeless to leave. One of Requirements; 3 months homeless and working. Certain burrows are doing this and reasons, to many homeless people, shelters are to expensive to keep running, they don’t have enough shelters.

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      1. Being an expat now I am not always up-to-date with news from my country, even though I usually read the NY Times almost every day. This is really troubling. Where do they expect them to go? New Jersey? Connnecticut? Massachusetts? Outrageous, really. Perhaps to states with warmer climates so they can sleep outside all year long like Florida or California. What a sad statement about our government.

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        1. I believe one area NYC is looking at is New Jersey. The program offers to pay rent for a year but this would just brush over the problem, which is high rents, low wages, taxes and over all cost of living. Given the requirements one being homeless and working, this move does nothing to address the problem. At the end of the year(given NYC follows through and pays rent), what happens. Connecticut is falling apart, living in CT everything is rising but wages.
          I agree with you, it is a sad statement about our government and how an issue such as the working poor is being dealt with. Here’s a link from September 29th.

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          1. The comment by the mayor’s opponent to focus on job training is a bit more in line with what needs to be done. But in addition the city needs to supply more low cost housing. The people at the bottom of society are always either ignored, given lip service, or else blamed for society’s ills. I spent 30 years in total working first with inner city kids then mostly with immigrants and whatever success there was was always trumped (an appropriate term now) with apathy and heartbreak. Here in Turkey there are over 3 million Syrian refugees who are at least more welcome than the poor in the US. Not that Turkey’s social programs are better than elsewhere butthere is more empathy here towards those refugees than elsewhere in the West. Thankfully, though, there are young people like yourself who care enough to keep the issue out in the open.

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            1. I agree with your comment and appreciate what you said.
              Opening up dialogue in the US is very difficult. Very polarized times we are in and many at the bottom have become brushed over with stigmas. Most stigmas placed on the working poor are false, many blame the working poor for societies ills but never hold the system that creates them responsible. There’s a coldness here in the US that I’m not familiar with maybe this has always been there but what I’m seeing now seems to be a new type of apathy toward those that work, struggle and are losing everything. CT has taken many refugees and there is such a drastic divide between people. This divide is a lot of driven propaganda, a clever mix of truths and lies that produce nothing but failure for those at the bottom of society.
              It’s not that people are not willing to work and contribute, they are and many here hold 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet not for vacations but for rent, food, and medications the problem isn’t them it is the economic system failing many(that’s a multi layered issue alone). Thank you for commenting and opening up dialogue. Yes I’ve noticed turkey holds more empathy towards the refugees. Many here don’t really even understand the deeper reasons for the refugees. Hopefully communications will open up soon between us here in the US but I’m not so sure about that we seem pretty stuck in a polarized state filled with click bait and clever propaganda.

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            2. America has always experienced polarization. And the vocal alt-right were always there but not encouraged by a president in quite the same way this president does. We’ve seen candidates like him before if not quite so blatantly obvious but there just the same. The horrifying thing about the man is how ignorant he is of not only other cultures and countries but of history and even reality. I know a lot of people who voted for him were actually votimng against Hiary but regardless of how one felt about her, she is certainly more qualified to run the country. Personally I donated to Bernie Sanders and would have worked on his campaign if I had been there. But there’s the old saying: people get the leaders they deserve. Perhaps the US must go through four years of that man and his cronies to get its humanity back. That coldness, though, was always there. I survived the sixties and the seventies but today with the internet and improved technology it is far easier for that reactionary element to drum up support for their ideas by confusing the facts with falsehoods and making prejudice a viable alternative to what America once stood for. It breaks my heart to hear what people across the ocean think of America now.

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            3. I agree with that saying “the people get the leader they deserve.” Maybe this will lead us to a greater humanity within the US I’m just not so sure. I wasn’t crazy about either candidate and saw nothing but a political circus that has carried over. Reactionary is a very good way to say it. We as a whole have become very reactionary, emotionalism is at an all time high, facts are horribly distorted and yet multitudes flock to one or the other pushing narratives no matter how false. America has lost her way and I’ve heard so many from different countries vocalize their disdain. A sad and disturbing turn we have taken. I feel though things will get much worse. Everyone is on the ledge.

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            4. Yes, I think things will get worse before they can even get better. But don’t lose heart. That’s what those on the other side want you to do. It means they win. And people like you must make sure they never win.

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