Born into hopeless 

What is more dangerous than hopelessness? The lie of hope. -beth 

Until we understand where 
hopeless comes from

for those born into her 

she produces

prisons, for many a starting point in life

thieves, not all who steal are criminals 

dealers,  for most this is to provide 

we can never offer true hope.

Many are born into hopeless and they will run life from a constant end.

Many hope spewers are born blind  

rambling cliches

posting the latest memes,

“work harder and hope will come” says those born into hope 

offering  charitable acts without solutions to simply appease their own conscious, they know nothing of real hope for it they had they would understand,

not all hope is real but rather a selling point, 

a lie

to justify the truth and realities of  being born into hopelessness. 


16 thoughts on “Born into hopeless 

  1. Beautifully written, but I’m not sure the word “lie” is the right way to encapsulate hope. I actually did a post on the word “hope” not too long ago and looked at it semantically (why not!), and was intrigued to learn that cultures spanning the world developed this word with the same basic intentions, something that is not true for many other subjective words like passion and love and fear. Anyway, food for thought. Keep up the great lyricism…

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I do appreciate your comment. After speaking with a few people who would be considered the working poor, I had decided to use the word lie a I was able to see a different side to hope, there is a genuine hope and a hope that is a good selling point but not necessarily true, in that case hope just looks good on a meme or coffee mug. For those born into poverty or with all the odds against them, that hope is unattainable.
      I could on 🙂 i will stop here and I do thank you for reading this.

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    1. Very true. I have heard some speak of hope from more of a judgmental stand point rather than a factual stand point. There is truth in and of hope just as there are lies in and of hope. I’ve spoken to some in the inner parts of the cities and those left on the bottom of society and seems to me that they have a better understanding of what produces hopelessness and all the attributes that come along with that(reflects outwardly) and they seem to also know more of true hope.

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  2. People pat themselves on the back by installing yard signs supporting this or that group instead of reaching out and just sharing the world: jobs, opportunities, experiences

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    1. I agree. More people need to talk to understand the different worlds, to realize that for some pushing the “work harder” can actually have a negative impact. Some have to work twice as hard and still may end up in the same place. I’ve spoken with some younger kids who have expressed worrying about their next meal even with both or parent working and how this is discouraging.

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