Americas sanity? 

“The madness of American extremism has become sanity.” 

“We are all products of the same system yet fight one another as if we were different.” 
America has become her own maddening rhetoric 

a mix of ugly extremisms 

living repercussion of her own diseases 

racial hatreds 

burning inner cities 

saviors disguised as bombs for an onion layered industrial complex, 

silently oppressing the middle class into extinction. 

The tactics of divide and conquer bring a people to fight and defend the oppressive system

at the end of it all? 

the system will be given more freedoms to enslave, 

the oppressed will still be oppressed 


the system is will be handed the liberty

to sacrifice the already down trodden and tattered of tongue to corporate elitists a ruling class who control the masses. 

America has nowhere left to spread herself so she has turned on her own and in front of the world an ideological people stand with no one left to judge 



force submission 

dealing from the deck of cards a continual hand of jokers

medicated into delusions 

liberty has been sold to the highest bidder 

in return 



showing her own desperation.   


perpetual nightmare of extremism playing in out daylight hours. 

Angels tongue 

I have heard the tongue of an angel speak like many waters; 

“death fears life but greater is the life that fears death and the death that dwells in the living. If this fear was embraced men and women would then know how to live accordingly.  Not all are equal in life but all will be equal in death, it is there that justice embraces the unjust and will fit men and women properly for their sentence. Not all death brings life and not all life brings death.” 


“The corruption of absolute power begins in nothingness.” 
Many have said 

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” 

Is not the later true?

Lack hungers for power absolute

beggars wearied from nothingness. 

From the early stages of need 

impoverished souls eagerly stand at 

the crossroad 

anxiously waiting to sign 

the soul away for gains. 

It is here absolute 

corruption begins rooting. 

All the same stone 

“It is all the same stone just fashioned differently for appeasement.” 
I followed you for awhile. 
I was curious to see

this place of reality you speak of, 

is really no different  

you just fashion your walls well

your ears devoted to the same appeasing 

comforting stories 

your stone is just better dressed than mine 

now I know why you shut the door so tightly. 

Gaps begin here 

“Here is where we must pay attention for all things form themselves, here.” 

The gap begins here..
Why is it that we can redistribute poverty but never wealth?

Why is it that one child will work for the satisfaction of another and very few stop to look?
What one is taught to ignore begins here

forms here

thoughts are built here. 


one takes for the benefit of self without regard to how or who is put to work. 


one thrives from the unfair labor of another.

one profits from what is unjust. 

One gives

one takes 

but none are taught here. 

Here is where we need to pay attention, 

to begin. 

Welcome to the show

Welcome to the show,  a land of carefully crafted tents to hide ill desires. 

Men and women of prestige 

fashioned with political agendas 

trying desperately to nail up pieces of a tent with excuses clothed in well paid lawyers

for the right price 

ill lusts rationed away. 

Welcome to the show, 

masses of directors 

and storytellers speaking 

rhythmic riddles to pacify an anxious following.

Welcome to the show,  

parades of men and women bargaining with darkness 

“hold these secret sins awhile longer!”

Darkness has refused. 

Flesh decaying of its own disease now hungers in light. 

Welcome to the show…