“We are allowing history to modernize itself. We are all the thief and the seller.” 

We fight over histories oppressions failing to see the modernization of it.
W fight over the selling of slaves and yet fail to see our children being sold, and harvested for profit. Even as I type this a child has been bought, sold and will spend this night as a slave to sex for profit.

We have stolen the future of our children and have allowed them to be silently and unawarely bought while argue. 

We fight over fair wages and which group deserves more and fail to see the rise in gig jobs of which many jobless are desperately working for $10 a day. 

We fight over wealth and fail to see the poor being sold to pay day loans, and rent a centers for profit.

We are fighting over a past we had no say in, voiceless and yet all of what has happened decades ago has done nothing more then evolve, modernized and history has redistributed itself into present day.

We will fail again because as they were perfectly divided so are we in present day and in the meantime someone has been sold, gone missing, starving and has sold themselves for $10 a day. 

We are all just as guilty as innocent.

We have all allowed the system to steal and sell. 

We have all allowed modern day chains to be placed on someone.

In some ways we are more defenders of histories atrocities than we are opposed, we are allowing them to repeat. 


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