Personal share 

I just got word this morning that the race and relations conversation kiki and myself had, is now being featured in new haven Connecticut..

What this shows me, people want to have open and genuine conversations to better understand each other. It’s my hope that neither side gets lost and generalizes everyone into the same category, this act can become dangerous as I hope we have learned from days past. No one is immune from becoming the very thing they disdain. Sometimes this disdain happens slowly and most of the time we are unaware. 

To anyone who has viewed this, thank you!! 

I am now getting prepared for my sit down interview to discuss rock climbing and writing. Well wishes for this are appreciated 

The voiceless of humanity 

The humanity I see in you exists in me. 

Beneath the earth of torn frailties

the earth groans,

the wars and hatred that burden your humanity have grown in me.

This pen that bleeds your silent truth

will write for the voiceless of a broken humanity, 

may you find a home and be ever free.

Created disease 

“Americas elect have created the disease and we the symptoms.” 
Americas plagued with illusions 

the looking glass no longer knows reality,  

with a single click people tangled in webs of deception.

History trapped inside the mind 

lost inside the body.

Groups demand to be heard through the silencing of others.

Women fight against a gender ignoring the behaviors. 

Decades later we are more diseased, 

no closer to a solution drifting further from truth, becoming the lies we have given. 

Whether the wars happen aboard or on Americas soil, the monster needs first be created

dehumanizing a color 

to justify the atrocities. 

We fight for the system we hate,

we are becoming all that we claim to despise,

we fight against the oppressed 

we fight for superiority not equality.

America is becoming the created disease she has ignored. 

Music of myself 

I have heard them say,

“People will only treat you the way you allow them to treat you.”

I was put in a place and all was barren,

music played but every note was empty of song.

Stripped of all melodies 

I heard lyrics,

It is not only you allowing people to treat you a certain way, 

they are but a reflection of how you treat yourself,

a mirror of your mind and emotions.

Those that you have wasted time on, 

you have first wasted on the illusion of self.

If I allow others to lie to me,

I have first lied to my self.

For some moments there are no lyrics, 

only the music of self. 

Tainted gold 

“Humanity placed on a chess board by elites and blood lines that flow with gold.” 

At some point poverty will have no one left to clothe. 

There will be no signs nor begging for a days bread 

not for the body but the soul. 

The cries of the impoverished will no longer reach the heavens 

we have tried to buy the gods with tainted gold, 

all will be left to hold their own silence 

from a system of old, 

we exclaim to hate the chains this system has sold 

and yet we are the chain makers for humanities souls, 

a chess board for the elites and blood lines that flow with gold. 

To this we have been sold!!