Modern day calf 

The modern day calf 
Men and women will have done nothing more then create himself/herself through metal, 

to be worshipped and hailed has kings and queens of the earth, 

the judge and jury of us all.

God will have nothing left to touch.

Few will pray for his children will have given themselves over to a modern day calf.

10 thoughts on “Modern day calf 

        1. If you think about it robots will be a cheap labor, no breaks, salaries, sick time, health ins or retirement packages. The corrupt part of America will be gaining a great advantage from AI. Us I’m not so sure about.
          Those are the questions I have also and more should be asking these types of questions. There has to be a danger somewhere. Worth exploring..

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            1. I agree with you. A very interesting topic to discuss, pros and cons need to be put on the table honestly. I’m not sure we have much of a choice though. I foresee some type of basic income and rise in gig jobs.


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