Music of myself 

I have heard them say,

“People will only treat you the way you allow them to treat you.”

I was put in a place and all was barren,

music played but every note was empty of song.

Stripped of all melodies 

I heard lyrics,

It is not only you allowing people to treat you a certain way, 

they are but a reflection of how you treat yourself,

a mirror of your mind and emotions.

Those that you have wasted time on, 

you have first wasted on the illusion of self.

If I allow others to lie to me,

I have first lied to my self.

For some moments there are no lyrics, 

only the music of self. 

8 thoughts on “Music of myself 

  1. They say i’m delusional… i believe different, more their fear that anything else..

    i lov piece, but i like them all…

    A rock climber, likes living on the edge.. That’s how i would describe my life a fantasy becomes reality.. Every moment of my life is interesting an wouldn’t change but a moment good or bad…

    methanks for taking me out of the mood, i allowed them power to place me in..

    Tis a blink an a lustful wink and a soft kiss place elegantly upon your hand..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Live free, enjoy life… It’s the experiences an our love of these experience is what life is about, our organic form, only gives us, but a small blink in time…

        i have other theories, some get more than one oppertunity an then other just one…

        i wish you well…

        Liked by 1 person

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