Created disease 

“Americas elect have created the disease and we the symptoms.” 
Americas plagued with illusions 

the looking glass no longer knows reality,  

with a single click people tangled in webs of deception.

History trapped inside the mind 

lost inside the body.

Groups demand to be heard through the silencing of others.

Women fight against a gender ignoring the behaviors. 

Decades later we are more diseased, 

no closer to a solution drifting further from truth, becoming the lies we have given. 

Whether the wars happen aboard or on Americas soil, the monster needs first be created

dehumanizing a color 

to justify the atrocities. 

We fight for the system we hate,

we are becoming all that we claim to despise,

we fight against the oppressed 

we fight for superiority not equality.

America is becoming the created disease she has ignored. 

21 thoughts on “Created disease 

  1. A question; are you American?

    USA has spilled their own blood, spent their own money on police the world.. Just we may write what we…

    How you feel is only your opinion, an i do respect that, i’m a canadian 5th generation, don’t respect my country one bit… But America, i back one hundred percent..

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    1. I am American and feel as though this country is somewhat split. Feels like there’s a plague that just won’t go away, so politically correct that many are afraid to talk. Our conversations seem less real, more symptoms than solutions.
      But yes these are my opinions only. I live in Connecticut and I am watching CT slowly fall, more are fleeing than staying. Taxes are horribly high. Homelessness is growing and so many are working 2-3 jobs just make ends meet.
      I’ve read different view points on Cañada and can only speak from what I’ve read but I know the story is always much deeper.

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      1. i find this information, very interesting an deeply honest… From what i’ve read in our comments you’re a very desirable person… i can only wish there is true happiness in your life…

        Thank you again for all these comments, they touch my heart, which inturn shows their is hope for the human-race…

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        1. Thank you chris, I am very grateful and touched by your response…I have moments were happiness seems to be as close to true as I can get it but then moments that seem disingenuous. Thank you for your kindness

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    2. A lot of dirty politics going on now as I’m sure many can see. I should explain a little about Connecticut. Connecticut is what many consider a heavy blue state(a mini California). Residents are caught in this dirty game of one party maintaining control over another. A lot of propaganda is flying around. We are low on affordable housing. Connecticut has been years in the making and we are seeing planted seeds burst forth. The party currently dominating Connecticut has no concern for the residents only for control.

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      1. Government an politics are my enemy, however we do need some kind of control..

        In the America i see the beginning of the one world government, which in my thoughts would end poverty improve the quality of life bring humanity together as one people, sound like a fantasy.. i believe deeply that we have been held back, because of our humanality…

        Human’s are feared… It’s what our minds are capable in the creative sense, you see this in our art an all its forms through history…

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      2. i thank you once again, you made an old man’s day…

        i don’t know if you have read my Bio, but i have struggle throughout my life… Yet wouldn’t change one moment..

        i am happy with whom i am, still growing at age 60 and have not forgotten how to play..

        kisses darling..

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