The voiceless of humanity 

The humanity I see in you exists in me. 

Beneath the earth of torn frailties

the earth groans,

the wars and hatred that burden your humanity have grown in me.

This pen that bleeds your silent truth

will write for the voiceless of a broken humanity, 

may you find a home and be ever free.

23 thoughts on “The voiceless of humanity 

            1. I just finished listening. There’s a lot to those lyrics. I can almost visualize them. There’s one part about believing that really makes you think. Is believing something we can even do anymore, is that too being destroyed. “In time we find we are all the same,” that is so fitting and most true!! If we could only understand “we are all to blame.” There’s so much chaos that feel people as well as nature are trying to get us to “take a minute to breathe” to see, to hear what is truly being said and what we all of this damage we are causing.
              I saw on the news that there’s been some eruptions of a volcano in the Philippines and ppl are being evacuated. These eruptions started last night and I thought of our conversations about nature and was more eager to listen to the song.
              The writer of this understands what’s happening around him and is trying to convey such simple yet transforming truths..
              My diner break is nearing an end but really wanted to thank you for sharing this with me

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            2. I’m so glad and happy you loved the song. Seriously, it makes me cry every time I listen to it. To know the truth about humanities course in taking care of earth herself. It pains me deeply to know she is hurting and earth depends on us to stop all these wars, and stop fighting one another.

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            3. Hope is what the next generation can provide for earth and the fix the problem with humans.

              If you get a chance go to YouTube and type in this: Nine Inch Nails: Right Where It Belongs. That song is beautiful and the message is really sad and perfect. You’ll see.

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