Not every poem was written for poetry.Not every rain drop that touches the skin can be felt.

Not every word spoken is heard.

Not every painted picture began with a paintbrush. 

Not every song holds music.

Not every freedom offers liberty.

Not every sentence ends the way it should.

Nothing is as it should be but all things have a silent beginning and end loudly

yet unheard.

All of you 

All of life,

all begins at 

a crossroad.

Falsity of escapisms 

Do we have it all backwards?

If we are to make a genuine change for the people oppressed by a corrupt corporate structure, shouldn’t we stay long enough to hear the voices of the oppressed and down trodden rather than trying to constantly trying to escape reality? 
The problem is,everyone is trying to escape

no one stays long enough to make genuine change for the people.

Maybe we would truly escape if we would chose to stay, 

know longer 

not propped up by crumbs 

or strings on a shiny cage

entranced by promises from dead men’s/women’s bones.

Not all diseases carry the same symptoms 

“No matter who reigns it is the same disease just different symptoms” -BT

This is more of a personal write for a child who is going through an emotionally difficult place, for the lack of meals and clothing. 

If I could keep you here for a moment longer,I would let you run free

from the poverty that chases you,

from a system that has cursed you.

If I could tell you, 

“work hard enough and it will all be okay,”

I would 

but I can’t, all that has worked against you from birth is bigger than you.

If you could live here in this moment of constant sun

let you chase your own steps 

let you see and not fear the waves 

I would 


the impoverished bodies of 

mind and soul surround you 

they are in your home,







world of corporate do gooders.

This system won’t lift your poverty 

only tell you to fight harder and pull yourself up, if you don’t you will be labeled and put into an artificial box of “if you weren’t so lazy you’d be a head. You deserve this life. You didn’t make the right choices.” 

They don’t know where you come from, or the demons you battle at such a young age, 

the therapists will offer a pill for your sorrows and failures but your life will still be your own and none will care.

I wish I could let you run here, chase the birds 

and not a dream kids like you will never obtain.

I wish I could tell you that we, 

no matter our color will fight for you,

stand against this poverty you were born into,

fight to settle the hunger in your stomach 

but I can’t just yet

we are to busy fighting each other

to busy desiring power 

to busy wanting to be kings and queens that rule over one another,

i wish we could see you and all that we have taken, 

all that we will build off of your back 

all the profit we will make from your sufferings. 

I wish we could see but we are to blinded by our own diseases and desires 

we are to blind to see

for this disease

has consumed the 






of this so called humanity…

Teasing temptation 

“What if temptation is not the enemy but rather self.” -BT
Teasing temptation 
Teasing blindly the branches 

that held all that is forbidden 

to bait all that vexes and taunts the stain upon my soul,
I fell….
“You are greater than I?”
Temptation grumbled, 
“You know not what you speak!

Is not the greater one he who has made the desire preeminent? 

Is not the one who feeds allurement,

the one who towers?   
You taunt me 
and do not understand 

you are a greater enemy than I.” 

The mind for sale 

The mind for sale..
“The mind, It is a thoughtless place today.” -BT
It is not the world that is in disorder 

rather the minds of humanity that have been bought and sold by a system of elites,

problems manufactured 

creating fringe movements birthed by numb thoughts.
The minds of humanity have bought 

the words 





cleverly fabricated marches for humanitarian causes

selling their minds to elitisms.

The system cannot fix the system 

Maybe it’s time we let our politicians know, it’s enough…

I had posted this on our community page. The responses have been great. Thought provoking to say the least. 

I’ve heard from teachers to students and people within the community.

I’ve never understood why those working(ex teachers)the actual job have no voice as to what methods work most effectively. The experts have given layouts and all of that’s great but many feel it is nothing but a false sense of security. Things within America don’t seem to be getting much better given all the expert advice we have from whoever these “experts” are. 

People from all fields are offering to help at no cost. 

In the comments I will leave an email sent by a high school student to the superintendent. Her figures are off about the number of shootings but gives you a glimpse into how many are feeling. 

Many teachers feel like puppets and their hands completely tied by the system. 

I was able to speak with the superintendent and will be talking with him Tuesday to hopefully plan or begin a community talk. This is the post:

Given all the posts about the recent school shooting in Florida, I have been wondering if we as a community need to come up with something that may help to begin changes.

The teachers are the ones who see these children daily. They see the social breakdown, family problems, emotional changes before any of us. The teachers are the ones who would, with their own bodies shield a child and possibly lose their own lives. The teachers need to be heard. Some of these teachers have better ideas than our own politicians, teachers know the system better then you or I do. 

Every time a tragedy like this occurs it’s the same play out; 

1-prayers(nothing wrong with that)but no actions. 

2-we blame the democrats or republicans.

3-our politicians debate and make promises that are never put into actions.

4-everything goes back to normal.

Maybe we as a community need to get the ball rolling.

My question is; how do we hold some type of community talk? 

Who do we contact?

Can we just hold a community talk with teachers in the public library or school cafeteria? 

Teachers need to be heard and together just maybe we can be the beginning of some type of change.