Don’t forget to smile 

The metropolis has colonized many from lands not her own, taken many that her own continue to profit.

The empire has promised a democracy similar to her own, their terms are simple:

“Live as we live! 

Believe as we do!

Hear what we hear!

See how we see!

Teach as you are told!

Labor for crumbs as commanded!”

Speak as we speak!” 
Internally she colonizes her own. 

Hide the truth behind battles for freedom, to continue living as we do.

Mix of cultures to further control. 

Blur history that none may know she desires her own children’s profit and spoils of gold. 

The terms are simple:

“Live as you are told!”

Despise as you are told!

See and hear as we command! 

Accept what we demand!

Believe what we say!

Teach as your told!

Eat what you are feed! 

Speak as we speak!”

Don’t forget to smile…
An empire grasps for air,

blood pours upon streets painted of gold,

her children schizophrenic 

walking blurred lines,

hearing what is not there,

believing what is not real,

fighting and screaming over something that is not happening,

speaking against justice

and warring against righteousness.

Hating what should be loved.

Fighting the oppressed rather then the oppressor.

Don’t forget to smile…

Desperate to hold on,

labors are sent forth to stitch together the final current with threads of

reality tv

talk shows 


shiny things


that none may see the empire desperation 

none of this will be televised,

the metropolis 

walking her own people to the final show…

Don’t forget to smile as you go….


11 thoughts on “Don’t forget to smile 

  1. A striking political poetic message written in the context of the world being on anxiety and the confusion that angers us, and stresses us.

    This poem reminded me of 2 videos.

    Peter Finch in Network (1976): Mind Control Speech

    Pink Floyd – Another brick in the wall

    Amazing poetic write and one of my favorites of this year.

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    1. Thank you so much!! :)… I am disheartened by all of the anxieties and stresses people are facing politically. This was my way of releasing what I see from myself!!
      Love the Pink Floyd song, I haven’t heard that in years but humbling to have you say that. I will have to listen again.
      I’m definitely going to watch the mind control speech. Thank you for the info

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  2. Thanks for your thoughtful posts. I’ve been reading them for some time. I see that programs for the poor are cut because the people put up the least fuss. Imagine if the middle or upper classes had to contend with losing services?

    Different topic: I told a friend, today, something I’d been thinking about for a few weeks now. I left the professional world, mostly because of stress. That anxiety is not worth the rewards. I made some efforts to get back, but meager. Well, at my age, it would be tough to get those kind of jobs, anyway. My work is simple, which is it’s reward.

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    1. Thank you for reading the pieces that you do :).. I see that most ppl are not phased by much until it knocks on their door and comes for them or their goods. I live in Connecticut and I’m watching taxes go up, wages remain stagnant, rents are going up and over all cost of living. Many are working 2-3 jobs in hopes of making ends meet and are still a pay check away from losing everything. I’ve watched those that have lost everything struggle to find a place to stay besides their cars. When these problems first started many were unaffected, many just kept doing what they were as if nothing would ever boil over. Things have grown worse and now people are scared and tired, trying to fight back because these struggles are knocking on their doors. I do agree with you, those who are or haven fallen into poverty/put up the least fuss seem to first face the cuts that gravely affects their quality of life. How do we change this? Connecticut seems to be fighting against the elected, the system seems to be working against us instead of for us. The poor are really experiencing the brunt of it. I would love to figure out how to change that but in some ways it seems hopeless. I’ve thought of shipping containers, make them into small homes for those that are living in their cars. Something.

      Thank you for sharing a more personal side. I have a friend who is in the same situation. High level job but extremely stressful and the anxiety is horrible which seems to outweigh the rewards.
      Seems that you are happier with a more simple work, a richer life in some ways and that has rewards within itself.

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      1. It’s great you are working on bridges!

        Yes! The downside is working two satisfying jobs and rent is going up next month. But my best choice is to appreciate what I have and look for opportunities.

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