Teasing temptation 

“What if temptation is not the enemy but rather self.” -BT
Teasing temptation 
Teasing blindly the branches 

that held all that is forbidden 

to bait all that vexes and taunts the stain upon my soul,
I fell….
“You are greater than I?”
Temptation grumbled, 
“You know not what you speak!

Is not the greater one he who has made the desire preeminent? 

Is not the one who feeds allurement,

the one who towers?   
You taunt me 
and do not understand 

you are a greater enemy than I.” 

12 thoughts on “Teasing temptation 

    1. 🙂 thank you!! I have always wondered if temptation itself is the enemy we treat to be or if we are the greater enemy in fearing the tower temptation has been made to be.
      I battle my temptations and have always felt temptation can be a friend and an enemy. We can learn and fall from a simple emotion or desire.. 🙂 thank you because I do enjoy the conversations!!

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      1. Even I love these conversations. The feeling’s mutual. Rather you may say that I am tempted to converse with people I don’t know and yet would love to know through these discourses. That makes me realize, there’s always a plus and minus to everything: even if that everything includes Temptations. 🙂 🙂 ha ha!!

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        1. I agree and feel the same!! I love conversing and hearing different perspectives that I myself may not see.
          Lol, there’s always the plus and minus in everything even temptation itself(love that) 🙂

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  1. In a metaphorical analyses to your work.

    The temptation of our political corrupt system.
    Every president who has sat in the white house has sign their soul away to the devil himself. He tempts them with information that will hold power for those who feed on power.

    I found this poem of yours excellent and very strong.

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    1. Thank you so much!! There is much behind this writing and I will be sharing that shortly, well after work lol..
      I have yet myself to see a siting president who has not been bought and sold, betrayed the people to hold power


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