Not all diseases carry the same symptoms 

“No matter who reigns it is the same disease just different symptoms” -BT

This is more of a personal write for a child who is going through an emotionally difficult place, for the lack of meals and clothing. 

If I could keep you here for a moment longer,I would let you run free

from the poverty that chases you,

from a system that has cursed you.

If I could tell you, 

“work hard enough and it will all be okay,”

I would 

but I can’t, all that has worked against you from birth is bigger than you.

If you could live here in this moment of constant sun

let you chase your own steps 

let you see and not fear the waves 

I would 


the impoverished bodies of 

mind and soul surround you 

they are in your home,







world of corporate do gooders.

This system won’t lift your poverty 

only tell you to fight harder and pull yourself up, if you don’t you will be labeled and put into an artificial box of “if you weren’t so lazy you’d be a head. You deserve this life. You didn’t make the right choices.” 

They don’t know where you come from, or the demons you battle at such a young age, 

the therapists will offer a pill for your sorrows and failures but your life will still be your own and none will care.

I wish I could let you run here, chase the birds 

and not a dream kids like you will never obtain.

I wish I could tell you that we, 

no matter our color will fight for you,

stand against this poverty you were born into,

fight to settle the hunger in your stomach 

but I can’t just yet

we are to busy fighting each other

to busy desiring power 

to busy wanting to be kings and queens that rule over one another,

i wish we could see you and all that we have taken, 

all that we will build off of your back 

all the profit we will make from your sufferings. 

I wish we could see but we are to blinded by our own diseases and desires 

we are to blind to see

for this disease

has consumed the 






of this so called humanity…

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