4 thoughts on “Artificial cannot bring life

  1. A thought provoking post.

    Artificial can bring life but it will be in the far future.
    Much like in the movie ‘The Fifth Element’. A piece of bone can replicate and bring back life, and this is brought on my a machine.

    Just imagined how far our technology can make go to make something of this happen. Will the person being resurrected remember the past, or present? will freewill still embody the human consciousness?

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    1. Thought provoking questions and those are some questions I had in mind. Can artificial breath do what natural breath does?
      I do remember fifth element and there are advantages but then I was thinking, artificial relationships, could they bring what a natural relationship brings or would that deprive us even more? Would conversations become more artificial and constructed, in some ways minimized..lol my mind…love the thought about freewill!!

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