Falsity of escapisms 

Do we have it all backwards?

If we are to make a genuine change for the people oppressed by a corrupt corporate structure, shouldn’t we stay long enough to hear the voices of the oppressed and down trodden rather than trying to constantly trying to escape reality? 
The problem is,everyone is trying to escape

no one stays long enough to make genuine change for the people.

Maybe we would truly escape if we would chose to stay, 

know longer 

not propped up by crumbs 

or strings on a shiny cage

entranced by promises from dead men’s/women’s bones.

24 thoughts on “Falsity of escapisms 

  1. Escapism = Cowardice
    You can write a book on excuses to not do anything or choose to stay at the sidelines as a spectator. But you will always notice some strange inddividual or a tiny group of people always raising their voice and actually doing something on ground about it. I am a very lucky individual to be either the first drop of rain or the loudest noise in any such issue around me. On a larger scale, humanity has mostly chosen to stay as a silent majority to never do anything about it together. Nothing surprising in there for me. Lets continue doing our job Beth and hopefully any one of those millions of spectators will jump the fence and join us.

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  2. Is it any wonder that there are mass industries based on escape? But this society drives the need to get out of it. For me, if I don’t remember to get a centering break from time to time, I can actually make myself mentally compromised.

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    1. There is a lot to be made from escaping by way of profit.
      I believe that our corrupt political structure would rather us escape the reality let’s say, oppression of the low wage worker, if we had stayed in the reality of what that is and stood long enough we just may bring about change but when you drive people to constantly escape we become so distracted opportunities get lost.
      I also need to take time to refresh. Refresh to gain clarity and perspective. You are right, without that refresher you can compromise yourself mentally..thank you 🙂

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      1. As seen with gun control, if there’s money to be made, it will be really hard to change things.

        It’s hard not to feel helpless when looking at the state of society. But letting things slide is doing a favor for the perpetrators. Perhaps a key is to go in shifts, so that issues can be effectively blanketed without burning out the Truth.

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        1. Shifts is a great idea and a valuable one.
          I agree with you, letting things slide only add a strength to corporate structure that is profit based. Seems very discouraging when you even think of trying to change the system what seems more possible is to approach and effect the economic part of the system. For example you have many low wage workers struggling to put food on the table, in fear of losing their jobs and being forced to add more hours to the work week. These low wage workers let’s say, sell the product the company makes, seller of the object does a phenomenal job and sales skyrocket. The corporate heads usually reap the profit, $30,000 bonuses and yet the low worker who sold the product sees nothing. Trying to change that, it would make sense to approach from an economic stand point(there’s more then one way to do that) i.e boycott the product and demand wage change. That would require an effort from everyone so as you’ve said, all issues are covered and truth isn’t lost.
          Apply that to the gun control issues.

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          1. Yes! And we need to support families who jobs are being affected by the stores and products we are boycotting. This is something I’ve thought of, with no solution I’ve been able to supply. Let’s say we boycott Walmart because they are not offering their employees a living wage. Our boycott is putting their meager incomes in jeopardy. How can we run an effective boycott without endangering or looking like the enemy of the people we want to support? Maybe I just haven’t given it enough thought? If anyone remembers, there was a brief time when we had a larger middle class. More people were making better money which energized the economy. If we bolster the lower class, there would be less need for government programs, because they would be making better money and feeding the economy. Trickle down does none of this.

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            1. I agree!! How do you do this without hurting the lower wage workers? If more than not would come together we’d have a better chance but even half would be powerful. Also we have the article part working against us, self check outs, automated ordering, and you rise of gig jobs.
              I do remember when there was a larger middle class which helped to stimulate the economy. Lifting the lower class would mean less dependency on government and to me that is a good thing but I’m not sure the system itself would agree, the more assistance the more control and the problem is even your working class need some type of assistance.
              In some ways I believe our elected officials/political parties although they work opposite in some ways work together in bringing more dependency to the government(one example).
              There has to be a way to accomplish this..
              It’s funny you mention Walmart because I was just thinking the same thing/scenario.
              I myself haven’t given this the thought needed.
              Have you ever read “banker to(or)for the poor?” Very good read if you get a chance.
              There’s a way, there has to be…

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  3. Ofcourse we always try to escape from our own problems. ESCAPING has been borne into our bones. And under such circumstances, it’s probably difficult not to escape from helping others. And may be that’s just it: the sad truth about life. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading this!! Taking a refresher is always needed but seems as though, the moment passes and hashtags fade we forget.
      We may begin to genuinely make a difference but opposition comes and we get lost escaping the pressure and what might of been a powerful fight is lost… 🙂 humanity can be amazing though. When civil rights leaders have remained strong, their words still carry weight and lessons

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      1. It’s my pleasure. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 And I couldn’t agree more with you. Because, fear is an indispensable part of humanity and fear cuts deeper than the swords. Probably it’s fear that makes us wanna escape or may be it is fear itself that we are escaping!

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        1. Love that thought and yes, it is probably more multi layered then we can fully grasp.
          I climb and have been sponsored in the past, fear has always been such a fight for me. I had to learn to change my relationship to fear, to see fear as a teacher, a disciplinary, enemy and friend. Fear does make you wanna escape!! What a great thought, thank you!! I’m am currently facing some opposition and I can say “fear” itself can be reason enough to want to escape!! 🙂

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