Jai ho

“Those who lead as if judgment will never reign over them, will fall naked before the people’s victory.” Beth 

Those who demand by the sword shall perish from its blade.
Those who live by the falsity of good works shall perish from its truth.
Those who take unjustly the necessities of man, women, and child for the luxury of the few, shall spend their days and nights in constant hunger and perish from an empty dish.
Those who take a single corporate bonus equivalent to a workers yearly salary shall be filled with the lifeless breath of a dollar and the soul of that person shall depreciate in value until he/she is judge by their own material luxuries. 
Those who live desiring an eye for eye will be left blind, lust will coarse through their veins unrestrained  destruction shall fall upon the heart of the man/women and none will see. 
Those put into elevated positions and feed their laborers food from the table of poverty will stager before the judgement seat of morality.
Judgment will cast before those who have elevated themselves crumbs from the table of the poor, they will hunger more than the poor for every crumb will be equal to their own doings. 

Those who walk about the earth as kings and queens will be cast down by his/her own lofty imagination. 
Those who seek to divide and romance her thought, will be remain in a state of hatreds constant birth and wax cold by her flame, perishing by the very waters meant to save. 
Those clothed in the finest cloth will appear naked before judgement, judged by the rags of their laborers.


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