No deed hidden 

No deed hidden
“Is there any who are free from blame? Is there any who has not fallen ill with want? Humanity, at the words of a taskmaster, is guilty of being the oppressor one to another both here and abroad.” 
The heavens engraved every cry of oppression towards humanity upon the skin of men and women. 

Every transgression allowed is an act of acceptance,  

which is nothing more then an an agreement for further acts of social, and economical injustices.

So the oppressed cry out

the heavens have deemed humanity guilty of complacency on Americas soil and abroad. 

We as a people carry each word hidden by cloth but seen by god,

acts of 

love and hate

guilt and innocence 

impure and pure 

deceptive and sincere 

selfish and selfless 

bitterness and forgiveness,

all written on a single body of flesh

for none are completely innocent nor completely guilty. 

We are all just as wrong as we are right,

just as unjust, 

in the end the body of flesh will be carried and held before the heavens,

the words written, the cries left unheard will declare all in need of mercy and forgiveness. 

-beth tremaglio march 5th 2018


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