Perishing milk and honey 

“Every disease returns to the host, and a people must face their own deeds. Inwardly  the nurturer is consumed by its own ills.” 
Perishing milk and honey..

In this land want has given us the inability to recognize need amongst one another.
In this land of industry and profit poor has clothed itself in cheap labored cloth. We have made rich the oppressor and impoverished the oppressed, bounded with chains of debt.

In this land of fatted flesh and bones hunger no longer recognizes the hungry, 
the appetite has grown thin and can no longer feel the injustices committed upon the soul of the mistreated.

In this land sight has been taken away and given to the blind.

In this land hearing has been taken away and given to the deaf.

In this land faith has been taken away so the masses can serve a religion. 
In this land knowledge has been taken from the college educated and given to the college-less uneducated common worker. 

In this land hope has been taken and manufactured into a bargained brand. 
In this land a dream has been replaced with images and delusions. 
In this land peace has left and war triumphs. 

In this land we once stood,
poor with poor no matter the colors, unity has been taken away and given to injustice.

In this land we have turned our faces away from the slave and honored the persecutor but none saw, 
none cared, many don’t care until the injustice comes for them, knocks upon their door and stains their posts, we wonder why our cries fall upon deaf ears? 

In this land we feast from the plate of illnesses 
and have become the diseased, in this land perishing of milk and honey. 

-beth tremaglio march 7th 2018


14 thoughts on “Perishing milk and honey 

  1. Powerful. Favorite line: “In this land we feast from the plate of illnesses
    and have become the diseased, in this land perishing of milk and honey.”

    Questions: did you write the quote at the beginning? Also, who took the pictures?


  2. I just now applied to follow you today. I got here because you put a like on one of mine. So I have only read two of your endeavors so far, loved both! I shared this, glad to be a new follower!

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  3. These lines got me:

    “In this land hope has been taken and manufactured into a bargained brand.
    In this land a dream has been replaced with images and delusions. ”

    I couldn’t have said it better.

    ‘Hope’ has been manufactured in many different ways for the good and bad. It all depends how people still believe in the concept of hope or not.

    Genius poem. 🙂

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    1. 😊 thank you so much for taking the time to read through this. Kind of long. I’ve talked with several people and what I find interesting about hope is what many are saying, “I’d rather have really hope, honest hope that leads to genuine change rather then a false sense of hope.” People seem to want truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. I’m hopeful that people are reaching for what is genuine now, real and not “manufactured.”

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    1. Makes me wonder also. This has been a long time coming. I remember people in the past warning of this and well to be honest, my life was pretty good, not really affecting me so I never gave it much thought until everything started crumbling, Connecticuts trails, over taxed and honestly most of us put more money to taxes then we do towards clothing and food. Now people are wondering how this all happened but it has been happen we just failed to see(myself).
      I had read they have a robot called “flippy” that can flip hamburgers and has the ability to grow smarter each time it works. This may not seem threatening to many but in the long run this robot will replace jobs that people rely on, ushering in basic income or something like it.
      Have you ever read the book “why America failed?” By Morris berman. I have read excerpts and just ordered a used copy. Chilling in some ways. You may really enjoy the read. He refers to America as a “hustle” that has gone wrong.

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      1. I remember in the 90’s a lot of conversation on simplifying lifestyle. Today the widest aspects of our culture has gone the opposite. In fact, I’ve heard several Millennials refer to “adulting” to describe the multitude of tasks and responsibilities ever increasing for the American adult. In the meanwhile people have to work harder to maintain their high standard of living. This is a great distraction for the politicians to exploit.

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        1. I remember those conversations also and yes, seems as though we have done the opposite of a simplified life style. I know many working 2-3 jobs, just to maintain what is considered to be a better or higher standard of living, but is it really better? We as a people have made it easy for the politicians to exploit people, laborers, choice of life qualities, the need for more just to maintain what we have. The millennials raise some very good points. Their concerns are genuine. “Adulting” has become quit burdensome and draining.

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