When you just listen to each other, keep the conversation genuine no matter how uncomfortable we can actually fight for the common good of all…

I’m happy to say the talk kiki and myself had done was aired on tv. I’m not sure what channel but a few people approached me and told me, “we were flipping through the channels and saw you and your friend talking. We knew it was you because of how you talk with your hands. When’s the next talk?” Kiki and me had sat and talked but will be re tapping soon. 


4 thoughts on “Listening 

  1. No worries. I find the topic interesting. “Building bridges” — seems like the best possible solution. I remember a coworker offered me a ride home from work. She seemed nice enough. As soon as I got in her truck, I noticed confederate flags like, plastered all over it. With no beating around the bush, she proudly told me about how she “chased the n-words” with her pickup truck after-hours; then invited me along. That was the last time I took a ride home from her. It’s mind-blowing how ignorant some people choose to remain.

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    1. Wow!! To think that line of thought still exists today but unfortunately it really does. Prior to me and kiki doing that talk I was met with a lot of opposition from the white community and I was stunned by it. Someone who believes that deeply in their own ignorance can be very difficult to talk with.

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  2. I admit I didn’t watch the whole video (duties call), but I found the first few minutes engaging & fascinating (especially the part about the Klan–scary!!). Dialogues like these are inherently uncomfortable, but it’s important to conduct them in a respectful way as demonstrated here.

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    1. I do appreciate you taking the time to listen to what you did. I’m grateful you took the time. What I remember most about the klan, the robes, hats which provoked a fear. The fact that no one really talked about it because no one knew who they were, they could be your neighbor, anybody really, so most kept very quite and that left an opening for many to be misguided through fear tactics. I remember the way I felt, as I grew older I had come to understand if I didn’t agree with them, I was a threat, no really white skinned but beneath their idea of white.
      Kiki and me have disagreements but we manage to work through them and we usually find that we have a common goal, we understand each other, where she’s coming from and why she feels the way she does and vice versa. I believe it’s important to hear the reasons why people feel the way they do about other races. Build some bridges hopefully.

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