Race and relations part 2

“Every story written is slighted by the hands of men/women.” -beth

This is the short link to race and relations part 2. “They influence our narratives.”

When the word they is used this is what’s meant;


2-social sites(articles, news clips.)



5-corporate American structure/system

6-political parties

7-corporate marchers, warriors, human rights activity and monologues

These are a few sources that influence our thoughts, emotions, love or hatred and actions.

These structures entities have the ability to form someone’s perceptions through a simple picture or word. These simplistic tactics can drive people towards unity or divisions.

My personal thoughts on unity or today’s push for unity; the more unity(everyone thinking the same) the more divisions you create.

The politically correct movement has created more branches of a problem then any type of resolutions.

Anyway here’s the public link to a preview version.


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