Surrounded by no one

Surrounded by everyone


no one is there.


13 thoughts on “Surrounded by no one

    1. I know the feeling too. The elders feel this way and say they miss people, everyone’s on their phones, no one sees anyone anymore.
      I believe we all feel this loss of human connection apart from technology.

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      1. Exactly. And no matter how people say: ‘we still care about people and we still connect with people’, Yeah, that definition of connecting with people is false on their part. And I’m talking about those techno-addicts. The whole point of human connection is to be there face to face interacting with one another. And stepping away from their phones and have a good long conversation. That is why I miss and that is why I don’t have friends only one. Everyone that I have come across there always on their phones.

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        1. You’re right!! I also believe that connecting through technology affects empathy. We lose empathy for one another.
          I was actually hanging out and watching a movie with a friend, the whole time she was on her phone answering emails and texts, I felt like I was watching the movie and alone.

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            1. Thank you so much!!
              We had a tornado a few hours ago, sorry for the delayed response..I will definitely look at this.
              I may have to watch this in the morning and get back to you

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            2. Wow!! That was powerful and very has created more virtual relationships, friendships and families. Access to people 24/7, addicted to likes and shares. Your sitting right next to someone and yet no one.
              Having a conversation basically with yourself.
              Technology/social media has isolated us to our phones, they create our world, shape our views before we even step out the door. Social media could put you in fight mode, have you not like someone by constantly repeating the same stories. Social media can be a great thing but also something that can easily take over our lives and become an addiction.

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