This is woke?

This is woke?

Everyone’s woke

and yet so blind no one can truly see

all has been




lies and truths on both sides

to keep the fire of vengeance burning inside the new woke.

We still hate

pledge no segregation and yet build the walls,

We fight against a wall and yet gladly build them in neighborhoods and school yards,

lust to be supreme

a fleshy desiring after a new god to reign

the new intellectualism heard in screams and memes.

The days of old are the days of new,

this will always be about division and race

there’s is no other way for the system of elite men/women to be set free

to profit from a people desiring hate rather then peace.

Realities curse

Realities curse…

The lie of an ideal world

has become realities curse,

through this humankind has clothed itself in garments of mendicancy,

depriving truth and reality of value and meaning.

The heart and mind given over to illusions,

man/women’s basic instinct grown from falsity a mix of slight truth and lie

webbed in manipulations for the power of a few

the destruction of many.

Possessor of all, possessor of nothing.

“We are all capable being the oppressor, binding the oppressed to free the master of self preservation.”

None are free

We the people are all equally

Prejudice – fair

Intolerant – tolerant

judged – judges

vindictive – merciful

segregationist – moderates

humane – inhumane

supremacists – subservients

Liars – honest





We the people equally posses all

for we are a mixture of what is good and what is evil,

constantly at war without

constantly at war within.