This is woke?

This is woke?

Everyone’s woke

and yet so blind no one can truly see

all has been




lies and truths on both sides

to keep the fire of vengeance burning inside the new woke.

We still hate

pledge no segregation and yet build the walls,

We fight against a wall and yet gladly build them in neighborhoods and school yards,

lust to be supreme

a fleshy desiring after a new god to reign

the new intellectualism heard in screams and memes.

The days of old are the days of new,

this will always be about division and race

there’s is no other way for the system of elite men/women to be set free

to profit from a people desiring hate rather then peace.


10 thoughts on “This is woke?

  1. What is “Woke”? Firstly my aim is to understand and thought provoke. On first reading this poem is nonsense. The opening statement is a question. On second reading there is a revelation. There is a voice which needs clarity of message to persuade and enlighten. The channel of poetry is often misused. because it is more difficult to read then to write. This piece is VERY GOOD. If “Woke” is really “Aware” then the sense begins to clarify the message. When we are aware be are awake to reality. What is real is before us. I think the piece you have is talking about information, education, belief, righteousness – a sense of what is right – and sensitivity. It says people are advanced in their perception of what ;life is about; essentially you are talking about ” Choices”. It does however have a number of assumptions about the human condition which may not be wholly correct. From the standpoint of “most people are essentially of good intention”, this poem does not work. However from the viewpoint of observing where society is today it is of value. I suggest you revise a version with less juxtaposition and think about the underlying fabric of the message. Where are we now and what is wrong. What needs to happen to improve life for more people. I hope you are not offended by this short. attempt at feedback. Mail me for further discussion if you are so inclined. Thanks for writing “Woke”. I have found it stimulating.

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    1. Thank you!! I am not offended at all, i welcome feed back.
      “We are we now and what is wrong,” today there is this “woke movement” I had read an article about. Many claiming to be woke to be woke seem to be following suit to one current emotionalized issue and then move on to the next. For some staying woke long enough to actually come up with a workable solution, it is at that part, the workable solution many seem to fall back to sleep and wake for the next hashtag.
      Many have good intentions and mean well.
      My hope with this was, get the reader to questions themselves as I have done with myself. What is it to be “woke?” Am I “woke” only to the trending hashtag and then move on to the what is trending next? If most of us are woke where are the solutions?
      I enjoyed your comment and you are right about many things mentioned. What would serve me best, taking the time to bring out the message more clearly and in a way more relevant.
      Thank you once again and no offense taken at all.

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      1. Umm… Like we now hear in England “talk us through it”, when they mean “explain to me”. “Ahead” instead of “next”. Perhaps I was mistaken in my response. “Woke” or “Awake to” now its clearer. I shall revisit, this time with “Eyes Wide Open”. Who is ever too old to learn? @62 I still Do, everyway, every day! Chris T. (an old git)

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    1. Hi sandy, first thank you so much for the compliment as I sometimes doubt my pieces :).
      This picture is not my creation, was sent to me by a friend. The picture is remarkable and adds to the piece so well.


  2. This was such a beautifully written piece! ❤
    I simply loved the idea and the way you've shaped your thoughts here…
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

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